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Hi! My name is Hyden Seek... y'know, like the game? Anyway, I'm 12-years-old and I am all alone. I travel wherever I can, stick to villages that don't mind having a stray hanging around. I'll admit that it's lonely... scraping for food and trying to find shelter for the night.

I travel with Kit, my fox-like companion and my best friend. He's been with me ever since I found him a couple years back and I have to admit what a rascal he is.

But don't pity me because I'm homeless and without parents, I don't want your sympathy! I've managed all by myself for the last five years and I think I can take care of myself.

But if you find something missing from your person, please don't think too badly of me... maybe someday we'll cross paths again and I may actually have the means of repaying you.

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Zone : Fantasy
The World of Nia

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Captain Robespierre Jones
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