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I am the only child to Marie Bellville and George Moore, my now late parents. Whilst I was in Cambridge, paying homage to a dear friend who was recently wed, a fire broke out in our small home. When I returned home, I was so full of sorrow as I looked upon the ruins of my childhood home. The truth that I was now alone, without anything in this world fully came to my mind. During my parents' funeral, I was fetched by an aunt and her husband I didn't even know I had. They, the Lord and Lady Sheffield, invited me to live with them at their home, Sheffield Manor, and to take up the life I would have had in other circumstances; my mother had given up her title and wealth in order to marry my father, and in doing such she became the black sheep of the Bellville family. I do not know if I can ever find happiness at Sheffield Manor.

My Family
My aunt and my uncle, the Lord and Lady Sheffield:

My cousin, the Lady Margaret Sheffield:

The man I am so in love with, Edward Stafford:

You can currently see my work in:
Vices and Virtues

Character Biographies:
Lady Sheffield
Mr. Edward Stafford
Lady Margaret Sheffield
Sir Peter Belmont

Disclaimer: Anne Moore is the sole property of her creator. She, her family and her storyline are based off of a novel in progress.

My Novels:

Vices and Virtues - Out of Print
Zone : Romance
Zone : History
Zone : Westerns

My Reference Books:

Wild West

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My Friends:

Alexei Nikolaevich
Sarah Hastings
Margaret Sheffield
Edward Stafford
Victoria Latimer
Kathryn Radford
Elizabeth Wakefield

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