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Hullo. My name is Thymus Flynn, but most call me by 'Thyme'... like the herb, yes. I am 39 years-old and reside in Kiash. I live alone, in a small village called Tannem, located on the southern end of Zephyr Island, surrounded by the Siren Sea. I own a cottage just down the hill next to a cliff side viewing the sea. Mind you, it's not a very impressive cottage, but it is home... and there is nowhere I'd rather be.

I've lived in Tannem all my life. Never had an excuse or desire to leave... until 10 years ago, when I met the love of my life (and my wife) Imogen Trevillion. Her dream was to see the world and raise a family... a dream which I desperately wanted to share with her.

She never did get to fulfill her dreams... Gods rest her soul...

It has been nearly a year since her unexpected passing and I have made the decision to at least see one of her dreams through to the end: her dream to see the world. Soon I shall depart Tannem and make route to visit all the races and cities of Nia, bringing back souvenirs to bury next to my beloved. And maybe then I can find the courage to let her go..

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