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The Midnight People

Eve used to be happy. She had a promising future in law enforcement. She had what seemed to be the perfect marriage. She had a modest but nice house in a lovely suburban neighborhood. She even had a white picket fence and a dog. The only thing missing was the 2.5 kids. But then Mike left her, and she was passed over for promotion, her partner was killed in the line of duty, and she was transferred to another precinct. The house was foreclosed. And the dog got hit by a car.

She's bitter, resentful (especially of the perceived success of her brother, Red King) and has a remarkable capacity for justifying things to herself. She wants to be happy. She just doesn't quite know how.

The Midnight People

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The Midnight People

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The Midnight People

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Great detail, dialogue and weaving in other's posts!
Feb 10, 2012 11:18 am

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