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Luna Claire is moonlight.

And Qu'Hai means "Where are you?" or so it did once long ago in a time nearly forgotten now

In "The Jedi Civil War":

LunaClaire belongs to The Measurers, a very obscure and delusional deviant sect of the Jedi knights. Centered on the watery moon Gara, this sect believes that individuals can bend the force to their will; the purpose of this ability is to insinuate themselves into the fabric of the universe. They beleive that one day one of their members will achieve oneness with the universe and control everything. They call it "Measuring".

LunaClaire has some small abilities. She has been taught to 'disappear'; that is she can become extremely inconspicuous. She can enter a room and walk through it before anyone realises that she is there.

LunaClaire believes her abilities are greater than they really are.

She is always accompanied by a small orange and blue bird, the size of her fist. This is Pitahui, he is a poisonous bird, scratches from his claws will become infected, a peck from his beak is extremely difficult to cure and you don't want to pick up any stray feathers.....not if you want to keep control over your mind and body.

The measurers spurn all weapons and are taught all forms of unarmed combat.

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LunaClaire's pilgramage list: To achieve enlightenment she must travel through the galaxy to experience or find all items on the list in strict order before returning to the Monastry at Gara:

Herald, suffering, amulet, changing worlds, transformation, dream landscape, kinglike man, tempter, atonement, sacrifice, new awareness, returning, pursuit,shame,reality,perception, giving.

Homes Haunted by LunaClaire

Rosalind~ Willa LeBlanc~ Tigeress~ Moondancer

Liaus Horatius~Zoe~Vampiress Narcissa~Nix

Captain StarCastle~Robespierre Jones~Gretchen Feller


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A present from Willa LeBlanc

Joseph Cambell's Monomyth:

The Adventure of the Hero.

Chapter I: Departure

* 1. The Call to Adventure

The adventure begins with the hero receiving a call to action, such as a threat to the peace of the community, or the hero simply falls into or blunders into it. The call is often announced to the hero by another character who acts as a "herald". The herald, often represented as dark or terrifying and judged evil by the world, may call the character to adventure simply by the crisis of his appearance.

* 2. Refusal of the Call

In some stories, the hero initially refuses the call to adventure. When this happens, the hero may suffer somehow, and may eventually choose to answer, or may continue to decline the call.

* 3. Supernatural Aid

After the hero has accepted the call, he encounters a protective figure (often elderly) who provides special tools and advice for the adventure ahead, such as an amulet or a weapon.

* 4. The Crossing of the First Threshold

The hero must cross the threshold between the world he is familiar with and that which he is not. Often this involves facing a "threshold guardian", an entity that works to keep all within the protective confines of the world but must be encountered in order to enter the new zone of experience.

* 5. The Belly of the Whale

The hero, rather than passing a threshold, passes into the new zone by means of rebirth. Appearing to have died by being swallowed or having their flesh scattered, the hero is transformed and becomes ready for the adventure ahead.

Chapter II: Initiation.

* 1. The Road of Trials

Once past the threshold, the hero encounters a dream landscape of ambiguous and fluid forms. The hero is challenged to survive a succession of obstacles and, in so doing, amplifies his consciousness. The hero is helped covertly by the supernatural helper or may discover a benign power supporting him in his passage.

* 2. The Meeting with the Goddess

The ultimate trial is often represented as a marriage between the hero and a queenlike, or mother-like figure. This represents the hero's mastery of life (represented by the feminine) as well as the totality of what can be known. When the hero is female, this becomes a male figure.

* 3. Woman as the Temptress

His awareness expanded, the hero may fixate on the disunity between truth and his subjective outlook, inherently tainted by the flesh. This is often represented with revulsion or rejection of a female figure.

* 4. Atonement with the Father

The hero reconciles the tyrant and mercifal aspects of the father-like authority figure to understand himself as well as this figure.

* 5. Apotheosis

The hero's ego is disintegrated in a breakthrough expansion of consciousness. Quite frequently the hero's idea of reality is changed; the hero may find an ability to do new things or to see a larger point of view, allowing the hero to sacrifice himself.

* 6. The Ultimate Boon

The hero is now ready to obtain that which he has set out, an item or new awareness that, once he returns, will benefit the society that he has left.

Chapter III: Return

* 1. Refusal of the Return

Having found bliss and enlightenment in the other world, the hero may not want to return to the ordinary world to bestow the boon onto his fellow man.

* 2. The Magic Flight

When the boon's acquirement (or the hero's return to the world) comes against opposition, a chase or pursuit may ensue before the hero returns.

* 3. Rescue from Without

The hero may need to be rescued by forces from the ordinary world. This may be because the hero has refused to return or because he is successfully blocked from returning with the boon. The hero loses his ego.

* 4. The Crossing of the Return Threshold

The hero returns to the world of common day and must accept it as real.

* 5. Master of the Two Worlds

Because of the boon or due to his experience, the hero may now perceive both the divine and human worlds.

* 6. Freedom to Live

The hero bestows the boon to his fellow man.

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