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My Wife Black Dianae Randgrith

Avast, ye worthless wogs o' the sea! I be Black Dianae Randgrith, First Mate o' the Revenge an' now Capt'n o' the Hella's Law. Mountain-tall an' cobra-quick, I go where it pleases me an' I be whore to no-man. If'n I want the pleasures o' the flesh, there's plenty o' males in whatever port I find meself. Fer those few times when Dawg Brown and I don't 'exactly' see eye ta eye. Yet those times are few....and far between.

In the Ile de Torture Novel:

Signed on years ago as First Mate of the Reaper and then with the Revenge, Black Dianae shares a long and blood-thirsty kin-ship with her Captain Dawg Brown. Her methods and means of following Dawg's orders fills most of the crew with superstitous fear. Tall and built like an Amazon of old, she talks little and even less about herself or her past. And never is she found without less than half a dozen blades hidden about her person.

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Ile de Torture ~ Tales of Pirates and Buccaneers
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