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Name: Onyx the Cat
Nickname: Onyx... What else would I call myself?
Apparent Age: I'm young, about a year old.
Original Era and Location: My house!
Staff or Guest: I'm a house cat, like I would know?

Gender: I'm a boy! Want to see? Yes? You pervert!
Breed: Bombay. I'm a tiny, little panther. Rarrr!
Colorization: Black
Weight and Build: I'm medium sized and well muscled. *Flexes my muscles for all the lady cats*
Temperament: I'm easy going, inquisitive and I love to play.
Claws: Yes! OMG! Don't take my weapons away!
Likes Catnip?: Yes! And its legal in all 50 states!
Favorite Treat: Anything meaty.
Favorite Toy: A small ball of yarn.
Favorite Sleep spot: Someplace warm and in the sun.
Likes to be picked up?: Yes, I'm a Bombay, remember?
Vocalizations?: Yes, I love to talk. Its funny though, most humans don't understand a purr, yowl or mew I say.

Description: How should I describe myself? Well, I'm a very loving and affectionate cat. I love to play, purr and run after a good ball of yarn. If you treat me right, I'll even bring it back so you can toss it out again and we can play for a while. I love to cuddle but I love being scratched behind the ear even more. Pet my belly and I'll grab your hand and playfully bite you, but not hard, I promise!

Special Note: I don't mind if you use me in your posts, since I love to be the center of attention. All I ask is that you check my previous story posts to make sure I am reasonably nearby and not out on some adventure. You know... Like stopping the bad guy, saving the world and getting the girl.

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