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I can feel the walls closing in and folding, trapping and engulfing me without even a single glimmer of hope for escape. I swear it gets harder and harder to breathe as this cruel asphyxiation is so brutally piled on me, obstructing the blood that courses through my very veins....the twisting pathways to my heart.

All alone without anyone. I am frantically calling for some soul, however worthless, to rescue me from the concrete prison that is my existance. Bars of iron so thick surrounding this tiny cell that is my world. The tears that gather in my eyes are hardly a stranger to me anymore.

Must I perpetually endure these unbearable circumstances till my heart ceases to beat? Or shall I brave the night and extend my arms, praying that the lingering twilight will be my Saviour?

This is me. The only me that will ever exist. Enter my universe if you dare, the world of Genevieve Bellafonte, Lady of the Night.......

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Behind The Velvet Curtains
Pan Historia Junction
A New World

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