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Hi! My name is Rylee Sofia Marks, and I was born in London, England. I am the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter born in to a long line of Witches and Wizards. My family tree is below (or will be eventually), and trust me, its not all that interesting, and none of my family has ever attended Hogwarts but has attended different schools around the world that cater to the teaching of magic to Witches and Wizards.

Here is a little more about me, and a little less about my family. I am eleven years old. I love clothes, music, movies and traveling. I have been to different places in Europe and into Asia, I have also been to the United States, especially New York and Los Angeles. Some of my favorite bands are The Broomstick Boys, Cassandra's Orb, Falling Stars (I cried when they were disbanded!), The Sniglets, The Wicked Wizards of the West (OMG Xavier Schoonmaker and Cecil Gainsborough are to DIE FOR), Suzie the Beansidhe and so many more.

Here is some about my family now, I guess I should include some information about them right? My mother is Mary Elizabeth Higgensworth-Marks, daughter of Catherine Marie Brooks-Higgensworth and Cecil Jasper Higgensworth. My father is Elijah Matthew Marks, son of Nathaniel Alexander Marks and Caroline Nichole Alestor-Marks. There are dozens of other members of my family that sound just as pretentious as my parents and grandparents, and eventually I will get them listed, but for now my parents and grandparents are enough.

I don't have a pet per se but my Mother has a whole little herd of dachshund that are her babies and she spoils them like they were her children (most of my siblings are away at other schools or grown and out on their own living off their trust funds). We also have horses, winged and several breeds of other horses as well. There are a few other exotic animals that roam the estate as well, but none of them are mine. They belong to my parents.

You are probably wondering about the whole "Seventh daughter of a seventh daughter" thing aren't you? Well, every like five generations or so in the Higgensworth line or was it the Marks line, I don't know there is a woman who gives birth to seven daughters. It is said that the seventh daughter is the one that will be the beginning of the next generation of seven daughters...lucky me right? I get to have seven daughters...and no sons. Fun stuff right?

I think that's about all I have to say about myself right now.

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Exciting Action!
Oct 23, 2015 05:48 pm
Very Emotional. Poor Rylee!
Aug 07, 2013 02:36 pm

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