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Full Name: Marcus Pera Varro Vatinius

Known by his gladiatorial name: Varro (see below image)

Former Miltary Rank Legatus legionis

Age 35

Birthdate 26 Aprilis (April) 64 B.C.

Birthplace Turgalium, Hispania (Trujillo, Spain. Of Hispano-Roman parentage)

Hair Color dark brown to black

Hair Style short

Eye Color dark brown

Build or Body Type very Muscular

Height 6' 0"

Martial Status married to Delfina and their young son, Atilio. Now a Widower.

Education well educated

Love Interest: Lady Aithne Cornelia

Family of Varro


Father: Marcus Geta Vatinius, Legatus propraetor of Turgalium, Hispania

Mother: Lucia (Spanish)

Their Children:

Amancio Gaius Vatinius, Legatus legionis (Calvary)

Marcus Pera Varro Vatinius, Legatus legionis married to his wife, Delfina and their young son, Atilio

Renata Prima Vatinius

Camilla Vatinius

The biography of gladiator named Varro

Born and raised in Turgalium, Hispania of Hispania-Roman parents. Marcus Pera Varro Vatinius is the second eldest of four children. My parents are Marcus Geta Vatinius Legatus propraetor of Turgalium and his wife, Lucia of Turgalium. They first met while my father was a Tribunus Cohortis along with his garrison. He then rose through the ranks to Legatus Propraetor (governor) and with his wife bore four children, two sons and two daughters. His two sons followed their fatherís footsteps and went into the Roman army.

Marcus Pera, mostly known as Pera is very handsome man in his early to mid twenties, short dark hair and brown eyes. One may call him a typical Spaniard born in wealth and nobility like his father before him. As the years come and go, Pera rose through the ranks to rank of Centurion under the command of Legatus legionis Marcellus Appius Claudius. During one mission against the against Germanic tribes at Vindobona when they were attack by the Visigoths in northern Italy. At some point, Pera received an order to kill high ranking official of the Visigoths army but for some reason Pera didnít act on this order but instead, his commanding officer killed him anyway; of which ensued Peraís demotion but also his execution of both his family and himself.

Pera manages to escape, and races home only to find he was too late to save his family. After burying his wife, Delfina and their young son, Atilio, Pero was knocked unconscious and this is where he was found by slave traders and taken to Zucchabar, a Roman city in North Africa. There, he is bought by gladiator manager Proximo, and forced to fight for his life as a gladiator in arena tournaments. Pero now known as Varro became the well known throughout Rome. Varro was then sold to another gladiator manager by the name of Magnus, who is considered to prominent throughout of Pompeii as well as Rome. Magnus seeing that his prized gladiator is the best that his money can buy. Magus made sure that Varro is highly trained in the gladiatorial art and soon afterward, Varro began to win matches and became famous and well loved by the citizens of Pompeii.

As years followed, Varro first met Lady Aithne Cornelia at Proconsul Lucius Cicero Papiriusí Villa for a private party which turned into somewhat much than a private party. Varro saved Lady Cornelia from a much worse encounter with a very drunk and naked Senator. And then later on they met again but this time in the Forum. Varro was walking with his friend, Serapio; when Varro accident bumped into Lady Cornelia or was it vise versa. Varro met again Lady Cornelia for the third time and this was for Varro making his apologies known to Lady Cornelia.

It wasnít until the special request by the Proconsul Papirius and few of his friends arrived at the arena that Varro fought against Baliaricus of Britannia. It was here that Varro saw Lady Aithne standing there watching him waving to the crowd. During the fight Varro was seriously injured and was carried off unconscious as for the other man he was killed.

Varro was then taken to Villa Cornelii to be under the care of Lady Aithne Cornelia, who was most high regarded physician in Pompeii.

Will love blossom between Varro and Lady Aithne? Each has lost someone most dear to their hearts.

In the ~ Century of Chaos ~ Novel:

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Oh my!
Nov 30, 2015 10:51 pm
Nicely done! (Pompeii)
Oct 20, 2014 11:55 am
The Best Awkward Moment scene
Sep 15, 2013 10:00 pm
An Awesome Introduction! Loved it!
Jun 20, 2013 12:54 am
A detailed and interesting story of a gladiator. Well done!
Nov 25, 2011 03:11 am

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