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   Lucas has never been able to forgive himself for the pain he has caused others, first with his son Aurthur who was killed in a vicious Werewolf attack near the family home, and then his first wife Page's dismay and sadness that ended in her leaving him, lastly was the lost of his second wife Gwendolyn to the monster Dracula. Lucas has since sworn and oath of revenge agents the prince of the night, to repay him for the treachery that he has caused him. For ten years he has hunted this creature, and at last he has returned to Transylvania and Lucas is able to see his children (Zacharah and Anna) once more, hoping to share in the fall of the dead prince with them. Besids his children, Lucas has an pretty exstensive family. His mother Lady Marguerite Genevieve Van Helsing Braxton, who has offered many times to take in her grandchildren and sheld them from the world her ex husband fought for. His Father Archabold Van Helsing, a stubern old theif who can't understand the way the world works now. His Step-Father Lord Froilan Braxton, an abusive man who Lucas has since tried to avoid at all costs and therefore distensing himself from his mother. One Brother Matthias Jeremiah Van Helsing, who always living in his brother's shadow, at school and in his adult life Matthias has always tried to improve his image far from his brother's. To be able to be recognized for his own self worth. Most people don't even know he exists let alone helped his brother organize the school, and the mind classes. No they see him as the nerd brother whose observe experiments border those of Victor Von Frankenstein and we all know what happened to that poor soul. and a Half-Brother Gabriel Braxton, who was locked in an asylum since he was a mere child. Even his own parents have forgotten they have a son with a personality disorder. Lucas made it a point to visit his sickly brother every year during his first marriage, and soon after that failure of a marriage his other brother Matthias was able to bring the sick man to the school for treatment and studies. Gabriel finds his brothers are really his only friends, and is not aware of his niece and nephews beyond Arthur, whom he loved very much. Beyond all that he's a rather brilliant man, having read books when ever he could get a change in his lonely Childhood, he holds down a genius IQ, a quality he shares with Matthias as well and it is no wonder why the two have a close bond.

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