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I've always considered Purity Conquers All an ironic motto because I never knew my biological parents. The only ones I've ever known are my foster parents. My maternal uncle, Phineus Grimshaw-Spore, is my Papa and his wife, Phryne Grimshaw, is my Mama. Their only biological child, Phyllida, is my sister. Together, we are the last of the most noble and ancient houses of Grimshaw and Spore. As such, we've been taught our history since we were born.

Yet I know nearly nothing about my biological parents. My mother was a Grimshaw-Spore and my father was a Scrivener. I know neither of their first names; though, I have a suspicion as to what her name is. Papa once called me Ismene, very fondly I add, by mistake. Ismene Grimshaw-Spore. What an odd name in that it doesn't follow the naming tradition that's emerged in the recent generations. Pheridius, Phineus, Phyllida. Why doesn't she have a Ph-name? Why don't I? Ferne Scrivener. I have a F-sounding name as they do and it's a nature themed name like Phyllida's. Yet there aren't any similarities between Ismene and Phineus.

That isn't the only mystery shrouding my biological parents. I don't even know what my father's first name is. He's simply referred to by his surname. Scrivener. I've never met any Scriveners, but they could be a dwindling breed like the Grimshaw-Spores. While I know the Grimshaw and Spore histories, I don't know the Scrivener history. There are only rumors and slips of the tongue in our household. Mama, more than once, has stated that Scrivener wasn't a pureblood. That can't be true because I would've been sent to a community for being a non. But why would Mama say something that's false? My parentage would've been doctored if it were true.

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Well-written and intriguing
Feb 17, 2013 01:26 am
Well-written and intriguing
Sep 29, 2012 03:54 am
Awesome post! Perfectly written and entertaining.
Dec 05, 2011 01:39 am

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