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My mother and father took one look at my eyes and they instantly knew my name. Violet. Violet Lily Jackson aka Jax. I am 19 years old and I live in a culture known as Steampunk. You can read more down there [points below]. I don't know what to tell you about me, other than I like to invent things I am fascinated by time and how things work. Sometimes I use a little magick to make things work a little better...make things that no one else has; now that is fun. My brother doesn't think I should use it but it makes my sister giggle...I used to make her little toys that mother and father would make move with the magick.

I can be kind and sweet, loving and caring and on the other hand I can be a bitch; but for the most part I am the former but I don't like rude people and I won't tolerate liars.

My parents were Steampunk before it was popular or when it was first becoming popular -- they are very interested in all things and how they work and making new things out of old things and the use of steam. It's just so interesting.

I have a brother and a sister...our parents were all about giving us nature names so my brother is Stone Citron Jackson (21) [don't tell Stone I told you his middle name he will not be happy], then there is me Violet Lily Jackson aka Jax (19) and our little sister Azalea Rose Jackson (15). Our parents are Garnet Rose [my mother got her name for her red hair] and our father is Onyx Stone Jackson [and my father got his name for his black hair]. We have a couple cousins running around too that we see from time to time.

Steam from the era where steam power was most prevalent (Victorian era 1837-1901 the time from when Queen Victoria became Queen until she died when Steampunk started to die with her).

Gaslight romance. Neo-Victoriana. Weird West. "Steampunk" means many things to many people. For us, steampunk means a reimagining of that particular time before our own, post American and French revolution but prior to the Roaring Twenties, when our modern world was newly born. The long-standing structures and conventions that are so familiar to us now were still supple and naive.

The advent of mechanism and industry. The death of empires. The empowerment of those previously hamstrung by norms and traditions. The cataclysmic overgrowth of scientific thought. The spiritual dexterity in response to said overgrowth. All the joys and fears that these notions evoked. Steampunk is an opportunity to revisit these themes, to explore the perspectives of this literal coming-of-age, and to experiment with the "what-if" questions that inevitably arise when so many crucial tipping points domino in close succession.

punk definition

1. Slang.
a. something or someone worthless or unimportant.
b. a young ruffian; hoodlum.
c. an inexperienced youth.
d. a young male partner of a homosexual.
e. an apprentice, especially in the building trades.
f. Prison Slang. a boy.

3. a style or movement characterized by the adoption of aggressively unconventional and often bizarre or shocking clothing, hairstyles, makeup, etc., and the defiance of social norms of behavior.

*Some Steampunk information taken from here.

My father Onyx Stone Jackson

My mother Garnet Rose Jackson

My brother Stone Citron Jackson

My baby sister Azalea Rose Jackson

My boyfriend Torrance "Tori" Lake

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Luck in the Clover Fields

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Sometimes it's wonderful to lay around and day dream. Great post.
Nov 14, 2011 07:15 pm

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