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Games Bronze Medal
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In that ominous, high-collared gown, Phyllida might be mistaken for a poisoner or femme fatale, but the reality of her existence is far more prosaic.

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Tales of the Clockwork Empire
Zone : Romance
Zone : Contemporary
The Diogenes Club
Zone : History
Zone : Horror
Vices and Virtues

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Pan Project Files
The Okeedokee Corral
The HellFire Club
1 Black Friar's Lane
Wyldwood Chronicles
Supreme Court
The Ink and Quill Club
The Trismegistus Society
Secrets of Magick

My Friends:

Nathaniel Ross
Hermione Granger
Katheryn dEllesmera
Wyatt Earp
Harry Potter
Tiberius Nott
Kelly Silver Wise
Alice Cullen
Catherine Morland
Doran Cloudrunner
Cass King

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I liked the mischief. Well done!
Sep 11, 2013 02:32 pm
Mucho gusto! Trés magnifique!
Jul 09, 2013 09:12 pm
The best time I've ever had in Belgium admiring the fleeting likeness of Venus. Ever.
Jul 08, 2013 10:36 pm
I very much like how well yours and Nott's posts work together! Great harmony in style.
Mar 25, 2013 06:19 am
Wonderfully atmospheric
Dec 21, 2012 04:47 am

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