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Graphic by Lady Vaako

The Wraith, no longer having the ability to track and hunt me, has in many ways, set me free from the nightmare of the destruction of my race. Still the attack on Sateda by the Wraith, and the loss of my people haunts my dreams.

I think on Melena and what might have been, and there is an undeniable sadness deep within me. But I find solace in those who came to my aid, ending my long seven year run from the Wraith.

On Atlantis, I have found new direction. A new alliance of loyal friends from Earth. I have a natural bond with Teyla Emmagan, as we are of the same planetary system, and have long held the Wraith as our enemy. I am content to call them allies and join their military efforts against the Wraith.

It is now up to me to face and defeat those enemies I carry within, the ghosts of my past and find myself a place where I can once again feel at peace. But until then I will fight and stand with the Atlantis Team against the Wraith and enemies who pose a threat to the peaceful living of all living beings.

After seven years, I am no longer alone.

Ronon Dex character is the property of Stargate Atlantis, a Canadian-American adventure and military science fiction television series and part of MGM's Stargate franchise.

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