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IMAGE: By Guwashi from Tokyo, Japan - Shibuya Night (HDR), CC BY 2.0,

(The modification of the corner building's Lettering is on me.
Please forgive me, Guwashi,
it is only for the purpose of my story line)

Lucrecia Voyles lives the cushy existence: private quarters, personal assistant, the necessary contacts—having worked her way up through the Mega-Corps food chain of HedoNET from the streets some ten years back as a PC (pleasure component)--or more commonly referred to as Pleasure Mercs, or Units (PMU for the short, lower status term; might as well call them Property Units); males and females both, owned by the Corps’ self-gratifying CEO’s in various branches of the major corporation as a means of decadent distraction.

Now and then PMUs were used in a far classier setting by infiltrative opportunists, their unique services aimed at gathering data from hungry would-be-execs eager to join the party at the top, or just have the monetary means to play with the rich kids. Or PMUs were simply brought in as personal entertainment by certain Corps Officials when they got bored with the whole, isolated noble life they coveted, amusing themselves with a bit of slumming.

But upper status has a price, a price she is more than willing to pay to survive and maintain her hard-won status. She was no longer easy prey, but the predator; but Lucrecia was no fool either. She would do what she had to, to keep her employer’s content and her control in tact; the alternative was far less attractive to even consider.


Number Six is a fictional character from the re-imagined science fiction television series Battlestar Galactica. The character of Number Six is used with respect and consideration and not credited as a creation by this Pan Historian member.

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Brutal Self-Awareness; I love it.
Dec 22, 2014 08:02 pm

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