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RJ has been Director of languages at Abernathy's Academy for eight years, speaks 12 languages fluently (French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Dutch, Arabic, Korean, Cantonese and Chinese) and has a good understanding of Finnish, Romanian, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese and Turkish. Single, he tends to fill his time with teaching Senior students and coaching them for missions where a foreign language and customs are essential. He loves his job and seems to be able to learn dialects and languages with ease, continually adding more to his repertoire.

His parents are Russian immigrants who fled to the USA forty years ago. While he speaks fluent Russian, he was born in America and is an American Citizen. His parents live in New York and he sees them when he is able. He has an older sister, Anna, who lives in Florida with her husband and two children and only sees her at New Year. He is particularly close to his Grandmother who adores him.

He's good friends with Marcus, Jack and Ian and is currently in a relationship with Madeline, a friend of a co-worker who has just moved back to the States to take up a position at Drayton.

Formerly part of the crew of the Elysium which was redirected to handle a rescue mission on Pestron by an onboard representative allegedly employed by Weyland Yutani. RJ & Hicks were sent to another base on the other side of the planet to check for survivors by their superior officer without the knowledge of the company rep. When they returned, the Elysium was missing and only debris remained. However, they were quick to realize that the debris was junk and could not be the wreckage of the ship. They set out to track it down, aware that they should have been onboard and were possibly now on the run. The official records state that the ship was destroyed in an explosion and the crew are reported to have died in the blast.

Having found the Elysium abandoned, it's systems in the process of being wiped and the crew gone, RJ & Hicks replenished their supplies, fixed their ailing shuttle and left as another shuttle approached. They found an unverified location in the stolen database and decided to go check it out, determined to discover what happened to their crew. Having landed on what appears to be a paradise location, they have joined up with the remaining crew of the Bourgainville.

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Alien - Hive
Semper Tenebris

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Liana Hicks
Jezzick Raan
Tiera Shrenn
Trent Makin
Ian Smith
Terry Wells
Nimue Blackpool
Jack Miller
Edna Abernathy
Iva Adams
Tiger Lily
Michel de Rohan
Marcus Vale
Lesedi Aygul
Karmella Laminski
Merisol OLaughlin
Alexandre De Barbarac
Evelyn Abernathy
Angelica Breckenridge
Madeline Geroux

My Favorite Reads:

Semper Tenebris
Alien - Hive

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Ooooh Koshka returns!
Jun 17, 2018 06:57 pm
Sounds like a lot of work
Jun 11, 2018 07:30 pm
Nice use of common ground
May 18, 2018 09:19 pm
Definitely a challenging student
Aug 20, 2017 07:46 pm
Very visual
Jul 15, 2017 03:30 pm

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