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NAME: Lady Hester Anne Huxley.

AGE: 22.

HEIGHT: 5’ 4”.

WEIGHT: 120-130 lb.

BODY TYPE: Dainty hourglass shaped.

FACE TYPE: Oval shaped.

COMPLEXION: Peaches-and-cream complexion that is frequented with beauty marks.

EYES: Blue-gray eyes that maintain a dreamy look.

HAIR: Dirty-blonde hair that is straight, but worn curled.

CLOTHING STYLE: Proper attire for the young, unmarried woman. To adorn her modest attire, she is always seen wearing an ornament of some fashion.

SPEAKING STYLE: She hardly speaks, preferring to keep her thoughts to herself, but when she does it is in eloquent.

GENERAL DEMEANOR: A mixture of extrovert and introvert. By separating her public life from her private life, her demeanor changes from extrovert in public to introvert in private.

CAREER: Heiress to the Huxley fortune.

PREJUDICES: Her family’s enemies.

BEST QUALITIES: Able-mindedness; devotedness; persuasiveness.

WORST QUALITIES: Aloofness; perfectionism; proudness.

WEAKNESSES: Her blind devotion to her family, especially her father.

HOBBIES: Practicing the liberal and visual arts.

TALENTS: The liberal arts, particularly the trivium, which consists of grammar, logic and rhetoric.

BIOGRAPHY: Lady Hester Anne Huxley is the heiress of Lord Henry Robert Huxley and the late Lady Minerva Anne Huxley. Although born the elder of twins, she is their only surviving child since the boy did not reach adulthood. No betrothal has been arranged for her despite her marriage suitability. She is being given an education fitting a young lady of her status under a dragon named Charlotte (whose alias is Lotte). As such, she shows no particular interest of the practical arts. However, she shows an alarming interest of the liberal arts. She tries to conceal it, and does so convincingly with most of the world, but the government is keeping close surveillance on her without anyone’s knowledge.

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