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In the Hogwarts Novel:

Dante Knight is the Upper Years Charms instructor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Hired at 22, he might seem young for the job compared to other candidates but Albus Dumbledore saw fit to hire Dante for the position while Filius Flitwick is on sabbactical.

The youngest of three children, Dante's family lives something of a nomadic lifestyle. It is a family with tightly held secrets, always on the move, constantly changing names. Dante's used his given name so rarely in his twenty-three years and had so many others, sometimes it's hard to remember which name exactly it is. Because of the frequently changes of first names and familial surname, the three children use nicknames with each other. The eldest is Rocky, the middle is Sunshine, and the youngest's, Dante's, is Tag, short for Tag along.

Never caring for the lifestyle, Dante was often at odds with his parents, brother, and sister. Finally so tired of never having a real home, of being unable to form lasting friendships, and of far too many lies to count, when old enough Dante informed his family he was taking a job, sticking to one name, and was not going to give it up simply because the rest of them were moving on yet again. An argument ensued. His family left; he stayed. Dante hears from the family sporadically. When there is contact, it often ends in another argument, Dante refusing to bow to pressure and rejoin the family and its lifestyle.

Owner and management changes within the company where he was employed left Dante increasingly unsatisfied with a job he once liked a great deal. By chance he saw an advertisement for a position at Hogwarts. Though having no teaching experience and no formal training, Dante applied and, much to his surprise, was hired.

When not teaching or in his office, Dante may often be found running the extensive Hogwarts grounds, working out in the Fitness & Atheltics room, or making use of the swimming pool.

M 9-9:45 AM, W 9-10:30 AM 5th year G&R
Abraham Albright (R), Georgiana Elliot (G), Blair Hazelton (G), Maud Montgomery (R), Vincent Oliver (R), Reginald Price (R), Rand Prinsloo (G), Jaclyn Rex (R), Hercules Sims (G), Oliver Towneley (G), Grace Valentine (R), unnamed students

T 9-9:45 AM, TH 9-10:30 AM 5th year H&S
Frederick Benwick (H), Libby Copperpot (S), Conrad Ellis (H), Belinda McCourt (S), Bertie Nutcombe (H), Kaycee Sickleby (H), Edwina Trainor (H), Julia Vernon (S), Walter Wickham (S), unnamed students

M 10-10:45 AM, W 10:45 AM-12:15 PM 6th year
Rex Applewhite (H), Fitzwilliam Bates (S), Barbie Bones (G), Blakeney Ellis (H), Charles Fairfax (R), Tessa Filby (H), Susan Fricks (R), Tom Howard (R), Ingrid Hyland (R), Margaret Kegg (H), Cornington Marchbanks (H), Gerry Martini-Blackwell (G), Patricia McCourt (R), Eirene McLaggen (S), Augusta Rushworth (G), Sylvestor Trainor (S), William Wentworth (G), Edmund Woodhouse (H), unnamed students

T 10-10:45 AM, TH 10:45-12:15 PM 7th year
Alice Acker (G), Kurt Blackwell (R), Jeb Burleigh (H), Stefan Carondolet (S), Alys Ellis (R), Estella Finch (R), Bowen Goodnight (G), Bran Hyland (R), Abernathy Jones (R), Nala Mansoori (H), Finley Pride (G), Brom von Roon (R), Pelinore Turner (G), Iago Zaid (S), unnamed students

Class Meetings:
M 9-9:45 AM 5th year G&R
M 10-10:45 AM 6th year NEWT
T 9-9:45 AM 5th year H&S
T 10-10:45 AM 7th year NEWT
W 9-10:30 AM 5th year G&R
W 10:45 AM-12:15 PM 6th year NEWT
TH 9-10:30 AM 5th year H&S
TH 10:45-12:15 PM 7th year NEWT

Office Hours:
Monday & Tuesday 1-3 PM
Wednesday 2-4 PM
Friday 9-11 AM & 1-2:30 PM
by appointment

Required Texts:
The Standard Book of Spells Grade 5 by Miranda Goshawk (year five)
The Standard Book of Spells Grade 6 by Miranda Goshawk (year six)
The Standard Book of Spells Grade 7 by Miranda Goshawk (year seven)

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I loved the method used by Dante's sister to communicate with his brother. Their dialogue is great. Good job!
Aug 09, 2013 02:10 pm

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