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In the Twilight - Eternity Novel:

I was born on June 20, 1901.

I became a vampire in September of 1918

But I cannot say I truly began to live until many years later, when I fell in love with Bella Swan.

  I was born as the only son of a successful Chicago lawyer who spent much of his time away, ensuring that I would want for nothing in my pampered lifestyle.  My father was a distant figure to me, even more so now that time and venom have erased most of my human memories.  I was much closer to my mother, Elizabeth Masen, and resembled her though I was named for my father.  I suspect she coddled me, perhaps even spoiled me, and I know I was the joy and the light of her life.  I attended the best private schools, received the finest instruction in piano, but I was a restless boy, and when the First World War broke out, I dreamed of joining the army.  My mother, of course, would hear none of it but it ended up being a moot point anyhow.  My entire family fell victim to the influenza.  My father was the first to succumb, but we all ended up in the hospital.  It was there, in the overcrowded and understaffed wards filled with the dead and dying, that my existence took a strange and unexpected turn.

  Both my mother and myself had always been. . . intuitive.  She was an excellent judge of character and could size anyone up with a single glance.  I, on the other hand, had always been sensitive to the thoughts of others, I often felt I knew what another person was thinking, albeit in only the most general of terms.  It was my mother's gift that lead her to make an extraordinary request of our physician, Dr. Carlisle Cullen.  Mother sensed there was something more to him, and begged him to do 'what others could not do' to preserve my life.  He honored her request by turning me into what he was: a vampire.

  Were it not for my own talents--which were only intensified by my painful transformation--I probably would have hated him.  But having the access that I did to his mind, it was all but impossible not to see the goodness in him. I needed someone to guide me through this frightening new 'life,' and I could not have asked for a better mentor than Carlisle.  He was not like others of our kind and held human life sacred, a belief reflected in his choice of profession as well as his diet--he drank only the blood of animals.  Not wishing to be a monster, I followed in his footsteps.  He quickly became more a father to my than my own ever was, and I resolved to commit to his vision.

  Only three years into my life as a vampire, Carlisle brought another into our unorthodox family.  Esme was at death's door when he found her again--he would never do this to someone who had another option--and he turned her into a vampire to save her life.  They were well-suited for each other and soon were married, and I quickly came to regard Esme as my adoptive mother.  I regret to say that I had a typical bout of teenage rebellion in the late 1920s and stormed off, frustrated with Carlisle's stifling way of life.  Even in my darkest moments I only hunted humans with the blackest of hearts, but still the toll of taking so much human life weighed heavily on my conscience and after four years I came back to Carlisle and Esme, who both accepted me with open arms.

  Carlisle's next choice left much to be desired; Rosalie and I have never seen eye-to-eye.  He had the naive hope that the two of us would find the sort of happiness together that he had found with Esme, but we have never been anything more than bickering siblings.  I am thankful to Rosalie for bringing Emmett into the family, however: in him I found the fun-loving brother I had never known I wanted, and he helped me find some measure of joy and humor in the bleak existence we have.  Alice, who found us, has also done much to improve me mood, although she can be hugely annoying.  She and her mate, Jasper, have gifts like I do, and it was nice to have others in the family who understand what sort of burden that can be.  And yet I was the odd man out, the bachelor living with three perfectly matched couples, and though I told myself I was content to be alone, there was one woman who came into my life and changed all that.

  Isabella Swan has tormented and tested me like no other creature on earth, but she has also shown me the greatest love I could have ever imagined.  She is my reason for existing, the light in my eternal night, and I would do anything and everything to protect her and our precious human daughter, Elizabeth Rose.  For now and for forever.

Edward Cullen is the creation of Stephenie Meyer, no copyright infringement intended, etc etc.

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Great Post
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Jun 24, 2013 08:31 am
Just a wonderful look into Edward's complicated Mind. Post of the year 2012!
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