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Full Name --Bridger Margaret Walls
Nickname --Medic
Birth Date --January 15, 2366
Birth Place --Crabapple Cove, Maine
Age --34
Race --Caucasian
Hair Color --Brunette
Hair Style --Long
Shape and Features of Face --Oval
Eye Color --blue
Skin Tone --Fair, tanned
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks --None
Build or Body Type --Slim
Height --5'7"
Weight --135


Father--Benjamin Pierce Walls

Mother: Margaret Elizabeth Houlihan

Parents' Profession: Physicians at Crabapple Cove General Hospital

Siblings: None

Other Family: None, her parents were only children, as were the last five generations of her family.

Grandparents: None living


A medical prodigy, Bridger graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a doctorate in general medicine at the age of fifteen. Her best friend/big sister/mentor was an older student, Sophie van Dusen, with whom she maintained contact. She was a resident physician at Crabapple Cove General Hospital, serving her internship with her parents, until the age of 18. She joined the TCAF in 2384 with the rank of Captain and served with distinction in a series of MASH units. In 2387 she met Lt. Allard Greybourne and members of his Special Ops team when they were brought in for treatment of injuries. She and Allard formed an instant friendship. Before the year was over, she had been asked, and had accepted, their request that she join their team.

The team very quickly became known as Bridger's Boys, and Bridger found herself with several brothers. The bonds between them tightened with every mission they undertook. Her boys became her entire family with the deaths of her parents in a vehicular accident in 2389.

More to come...

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