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Panathenaic Games Medal
Gold in Deathcathalon

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In the land of the lovely and the studly the nerdy stands out.

Code Maven

Hi I'm Bobby Schwartz! I'm a good friend to Nick Capra. In fact we just went into business together. He's a Ghost Buster, you know - yeah, man, just like those dudes in the movies only this ain't Hollywood. Nick, he's the real deal. He's really good even though I sometimes have to take all his stories with a pinch of salt. I mean I went to MIT, you know? I don't' know if I buy into the whole paranormal deal but you know Nick's got a fucking PhD in Psych so I figure he's got it covered. He's the man! I fucking worship the guy. And you know he's so fucking lucky with the chicks right? I mean right now he's fucking Scarlet Vanity! Scarlet fucking Vanity! That's right, you got the babe, the hot porn star. Man, could anyone ever be so lucky? Me? I have to buy my bootie online if you know what I mean. Check out my profile page for my relief. Hey, gotta go, gotta code!

666 West End Ave Present Apartment Key

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Zone : Horror
The Midnight People - Out of Print
The Midnight People

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Synn Gardenn

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Best Romp In Someone Else's Sheets
Jul 04, 2011 04:01 pm
Giving "Elevator Music" a Whole New Meaning
May 2008

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