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I never intended to become a pirate. My family name and our honor are those things dearest to me..

But when our enemies accused us of treason, I did the only thing I could...I took to the seas and have never ceased my quest to regain my good name.

On land I am a masked Highwayman, known only as The Lord of the Night' .

At sea, Captain Skye Masters, Privateer sailing in the name of King Charles though most of the booty is kept for myself and crew as I wait for the opportunity for revenge and redemption to present themselves.

Labeled a rogue and a cad, I wear both mantles with pride. As long as my true intention stays well hid, I'm content to be cast in whatever light suits your fancy.

All rumors of my demise are decidedly false. As it was, I was merely mostly dead. There's a huge difference between mostly dead and all dead. With mostly dead, you're slightly alive. I built from there... .

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Ile de Torture ~ Tales of Pirates and Buccaneers

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