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Name: Sasha Swarofski
DOB: September 6th, 1995
Age: 19
Place of birth: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 115lbs
Body Type: Slender
Physical Condition: Good
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour and Style: Black
Distinguishing Features: long black hair, chocolate brown eyes
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Physical Imperfections: None
Race: Caucasian
Ethnic Group: English
Religion: None
Married / Divorced /Widowed: Single
Children: None, possibly some day.
Family Background / Lineage: English and Polish
Father's Current Status: Living, Mark Swarofski
Mother's Current Status: Living, Jennifer Swarofski
Years of Schooling: K-12 some collage
Occupation: Owner of Day Lily Spa

Sasha is the youngest daughter of Jennifer and Mark Swarofski of Los Angles, California. She has one older brother, Jason. The two have always gotten along well and Jason has always been protective of his little sister. Sasha is nine-teen years old, while her brother Jason, is quite a bit older at twenty-nine years old.

Though the two are very much the same in ways, they are very opposite as well. Both are very smart, sharp witted, and can be on the cunning side at times. But Sasha is not a business person (where Jason and their father both have a head for business), and she enjoys excitement and having fun. She likes to hang out with her friends, and go out and party.

Though Jason and Sasha get along she has never gotten along overly well with her parents. Her parents don't understand her and think that she will never amount to anything, which makes Sasha even more determined to finish school. Her mother, Jennifer, is very selfish and is only out for herself. While her father, Mark, is a business man out to make as much money as humanly possible; he also has a bad habit of never listening to his children (either one of them) when they come to him about something. He brushes them aside in trade for the all mighty dollar.

Sasha is single, smart and beautiful. She is a student and she is studying criminal psychology in hopes of one day being a criminal psychologist (when she decides to settle down enough to do that)...but now she is trying to find out what she has gotten herself into...she is finding herself lost in a world that is not her own.

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