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Name: Thane David Crichton MD
Pen Name: Jonathan Harper
DOB: October 3rd, 1976
Profession: Pathologist and a horror novelist
Parents: David and Marta Crichton
Siblings: Hannah Leigh Crichton (34)
Children: Harley Quinn Crichton (15)
Religion: None, with all the things that happened to him he does not believe in anything.
Home Town: Devonshire, England moved to Coastal Heights when he was six
Book List: The Child Within, The Secrets of Hamilton Hill, The Hunter and the Hunted, Ripped Apart (in progress)
Sexual Orientation: Gay

My Great Grandfather's typewriter

Yes, I use a computer to write my books but back in the day when I started out my Great Grandfather's typewriter was all I had, it was all I could afford and I wrote my first book on it. Hey you go with what works, right?

I get my ideas and inspiration for my books from my life -- from my work as a pathologist. I get the ideas and I fictionalize them. They sell like you wouldn't believe; it surprised me. Who knew there were so many sick and twisted minds out there?

The Morgue

I am one of a few pathologists working in Aspen...I work with the police and I tell them what they need to know. The how's, the wheres, the why's and with what's. It's often a gruesome job but I suppose someone has to do it, right?

The things I see, the stories I uncover often haunt my dreams...that is if you don't count the dreams of my past. Being abused all your life and having the people you count on either being the ones that are doing the abuse or the ones who won't do anything to stop the abuse. My father abused me, broken bones was just minor compared to the other vile things that he and his buddies did to me. It hurts's killing me...but I don't know what to do about it. I just try to live my life as best I can and try to forget the things I see but they just won't leave my sight. They are forever seared into my brain.

My Great Grandfather's scalpels -- he used these when he was a forensic pathologist back in the day. The typewriter is what he used to type his reports

My daughter Harley Quinn

If you want to read my other bios, for my other novels, check out my profile page.

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A Scream in the Darkness

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Wonderfully written.
Apr 24, 2015 06:58 am
Nice characterization
Apr 02, 2015 10:51 pm
hot, Hot, HOT!
Mar 23, 2015 02:16 pm
can you feel the love tonight...
Jan 26, 2015 08:34 pm
Jan 26, 2015 07:38 pm

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