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In the Life As We Know It Novel:

Full Name -- Clay Anson
Meaning of Name -- Originally a last name of people handling clay
Nickname -- None Really
Birth Date -- August 28
Birth Place -- Sicily
Age -- 25
Race -- Italian
Hair Color -- Brownish Blond
Hair Style -- Gelled
Eye Color -- Blue
Skin Tone -- Pale
Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks --
Build or Body Type -- Medium build-Fit
Height -- 5'8
Weight -- 150

Family and Childhood
Mother -- Starr Anson
Father -- Unknown
Parents' Occupations -- Deceased
Family Finances -- Comfortable
Brothers -- None
Sisters -- None
Birth Order -- N/A
Other Close Family -- Unknown
Best Friend -- Madison Kalahari, Brendan Sawyer
Other Friends -- Co-workers
Pets -- Cat-Whiskers
Home Life During Childhood -- Erratic
Popular or Loner -- Loner
Important Experiences or Events -- Taken away from home, Grew up in foster care, Passing of mother.
Health Problems -- None; Cancer survivor
Religion -- Catholic

Your Character's Character
Bad Habits -- Doesn't always speak up
Strong Points -- Reliable, modest, strong
Temperament -- Even
Attitude -- Easy-going
Weakness -- Children
Fears -- Not being taken seriously
Secrets -- Has a juvenile record
Regrets -- Not speaking to mother
Feels Vulnerable When -- Taking child away from family
Pet Peeves -- Smacking when chewing, lax parents
Conflicts -- Job vs. what he really wants to do, Eden Sanchez
Motivation -- Growing up in foster care
Goals and Hopes -- Help more parents keep their kids
Sexuality -- Straight
Exercise Routine -- Runs early in the morning
Day or Night Person -- Night
Introvert or Extrovert -- Introvert
Optimist or Pessimist -- Optimistic

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Life As We Know It

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Nathaniel Ross
Madison Kalahari

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