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Having won distinction on the battlefield Finguine hoped to become one of the Mac an Rothaich’s chieftains but the rise of several talented young men who accompanied Fionnlagh thwarted his plans. Despite his disappointment, he has found himself suitably rewarded by the new righ. Fionnlagh discovered the warrior’s flair for diplomacy and has made use of it frequently. As teachdaire for the war leader, Finguine has successfully negotiated many of the pacts that have allowed the clan’s rise to prominence.

Those accomplishments will pale in comparison to his achievement if he can aid the righ to fashion an alliance that will drive the Angles from Catraeth… and possibly Britain. It will be difficult and dangerous but Finguine is prepared for the challenge. Failure is not an option… not when one serves Fionnlagh!

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Excellent. Wish there was more! Scotia
Feb 25, 2016 07:42 pm

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