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The Slayer known as Gwydion began his life as Erurikku "Rikku" Wōkā (a name which he has since anglicized to Elric Walker), in a remote village known as Jusenkyogakure, or "Hidden Spring Village". Rikku hails from the Gama Clan, reputed to be descended from the Great Toad Sages, which would certainly explain Rikku's leaping and kicking strength, as well as his ability to remain comfortably underwater for extended periods of time. After graduating from Yokai Yokujin Academy as a combat mage, he was teamed with Name Tsukiakari of the Kujihime Clan (a skilled Healer and archer, with immense physical strength and stamina) and Seiji Sarumane of the Kuchinawa Clan (a master Hypnotist, 7th-Level Esper, and unparalleled master of swordplay with his twin wakizashi). Under the tutelage of the psychokinetic sensei, codename: Scarecrow, the team took the codenames of Gwydion, Selene, and Morpheus, respectively.

As Slayers go, Gwydion never seemed to particularly shine, surviving his early encounters thanks to the skill of his teammates. Through sheer don't-know-any-better determination and an unprecedented advancement rate, Gwydion gradually became strong enough to be the equal of his teammates. In a battle against a Steel Titan, Gwydion was the sole survivor of his team.

Battered and weary, Gwydion was struck down by the beast's mother, Mam Cloben, who cursed Gwydion with the Blue Flame of Tangorm.

The Blue Flame literally burned Gwydion's humanity away, painfully transforming him into a fire-breathing lizard-man, Gwydion was taken in by the Fawne, a race of anthropomorphic animals who helped Gwydion to recover from his trauma, as well as to teach him the patience he lacked in his former life, upgrading him to a 2nd-level combat mage - as well as teaching him how to borrow the strength to cast 3rd-level combat magic, at a cost.

His newfound patience failed him when he learned of another of Mam Cloben's brood, a mummy whose desert empire threatened to engulf the Fertile Crescent, which would have plunged the world into famine. Charging in with a cadre of loyal Fawne by his side, Gwydion's victory over the beast was hollow, as not only did his lover Nine-Tails lose her life (along with many other Fawne), but Mam Cloben's curse revisited Gwydion upon the death of her broodling. The Draig o Tangorm found himself transformed into the Roddan o Tangorm.

Gwydion returned to the Fawne a broken mouseling. After a period of mourning and self-imposed servitude, Gwydion was tasked by Lord Noblemane, the King of the Fawne, to aid a group of world-displaced heroes in their efforts to prevent the Shattering of Worlds.

Unfortunately, the diminutive Slayer was not able to turn the tide of events.

Following the Shattering of Worlds at the Battle of Standing Stones, Gwydion found himself disjointed from reality. Truly on his own for the first time, Gwydion learned much about himself and what he was truly capable of. He found that his demihuman senses included an innate sense for the proximity of portals between worlds. Guided by this sense, Gwydion spent years planeswalking the multiverse, looking for his lost allies.

Along the way, Gwydion twice more fought the progeny of Mam Cloben, each time enduring the Blue Flame. The first of these horrors was a rotting zombie creature, whose infectious touch had reduced an entire dukedom to shambling undeath. Defeating this creature transformed Gwydion into a physically powerful lion-man. While Gwydion's physical strength was at its peak in this form, he found its animal instincts very hard to control, moreso than any of his other forms. Gwydion put the lion-man's strength to good use against the final spawn of Mam Cloben, a master vampire. Ending that abomination once more cursed Gwydion to burn with the Blue Flame, becoming a raven-man. Able to fly for the first time, Gwydion experienced much in this form, growing considerably as a person before finally confronting Mam Cloben herself. Ending the brood-witch's life earned Gwydion the cross-shaped jewel, the BloodStone, which embedded itself in Gwydion's chest, restoring his human form.

Gwydion's cross-time crusade continued for many more years following the restoration of his human form. He visited realities whose magic was nigh non-existent, replaced with a practice known as technology. He visited worlds where the dominant life-form were not humans at all. He even visited one reality where groups of people would spontaneously break into perfectly harmonized song and choreographed dance. Gwydion couldn't get out of that reality fast enough! All the while, Gwydion was looking for his former teammates that he had become separated from back at the Standing Stones.

As luck is never something that Gwydion has had in great supply, Gwydion finally finds himself in the same reality as his former teammates, only to become the captive of the Dark Lord. Beaten within an inch of his magically-enhanced healing's ability to cope on a daily basis, Gwydion hadn't the strength to mount an escape attempt.

Despite all his rage, he was still just a Rat in a cage.

After escaping from the Dark Lord with Aloysius Frond, Gwydion has reunited with his friends and is about to embark on a new adventure. To prepare for this adventure, Gwydion has struck a deal with the Norse master smith, Weyland - a deal whose fine print has yet to be revealed.

As a member of the Gama Clan, Gwydion has enhanced leg muscles. He can leap two stories straight up from a crouch, and land without injury from such a height. His kicks can break through dense wood. Even stone will eventually succumb to a barrage of his kicks. His heritage also allows him to survive comfortably underwater for extended periods of time, though not indefinitely. He can hold his breath for approximately thirty minutes.

Having endured the Blue Flame, Gwydion was formerly cursed into various demihuman forms, each with their own special talents:
  • DRAGON (Draig): Gwydion's first form. Though unable to wield weapons due to the structure of his claws, Gwydion possessed a muscular tail and a natural ability to breathe fire without expending magic.
  • MOUSE (Roddan): Roughly 3' tall, Gwydion regained the ability to wield weapons in this form. Furthermore, he was small and light enough that his SpiderSilk gloves and boots, meant to provide grip and traction (respectively) allowed him to scale walls and ceilings.
  • LION (Llew): Physically powerful and surprisingly agile, but Gwydion found the lion-man's predatory instincts nearly impossible to control. Water also caused him panic-level distress and psychosomatic agony.
  • RAVEN (Brān): This form was blessed with the gift of flight. However, sunlight caused him moderate pain, and he found himself growing increasingly paranoid in this form.
The dark red cross-shaped jewel embedded in Gwydion's sternum, the BloodStone, gives him control over his shapeshifting magicks. It also protects him from external attempts to manipulate his form, and has sped up his healing processes greatly. It is presumed to hold other powers based on how much creatures of darkness covet it. His recent dealings with Weyland have indicated that the BloodStone's effectiveness will be limited as a result of having his dimensional harmonics "reset" - particularly his protection from shapeshifting magicks. Weyland has also indicated that the stone has certain dark influences on Gwydion, which will become harder to control.

What Gwydion does not realize is that the "BloodStone" is in fact the crystallized heart of a dark creature. Other beings of darkness want the BloodStone to either master that beast or steal its power. The creature itself has become roused from its slumber by Gwydion's "reset", and wants its heart back ...

Gwydion's right eye was lost, or rather sacrificed, prior to his acquisition of the BloodStone. He acquired a false eye in his pact with Weyland. This false eye appears to have restored Gwydion's field of vision and depth perception. However, the eye only functions so long as his true eye is open.

Though Gwydion is allegedly aware of the details surrounding his false eye, a rather hefty price must have been paid for the eye, to circumvent the sacrifice to Odin. It remains to be seen when this price will be revealed.

As a Son of Odin, Gwydion sacrificed his eye for "knowledge." In Gwydion's case, this knowledge manifests itself in the form of a kind of clairvoyant extrasensory perception, akin to the Thunderan Sight Beyond Sight spell. Gwydion cannot always rely on these visions being understandable, and this vision is easily occluded by magical barriers.

Gwydion has lost his former magical sword, Dwrgblaidd, as well as the magical tattoos he once had on his shoulder to summon boomerang-like weapons. Gwydion has replaced these, courtesy of Weyland, with twin poniards called Dannedd Dur. Gwydion sheathes Dannedd Dur across his lower back. Dannedd Dur are forged from highly durable alloys, mined from the depths of Svartalfheim and smelted in the fires of Muspelheim. Aside from their durability, Dannedd Dur are enchanted to appear in Gwydion's hands at the speed of thought, without being physically drawn. He also purchased two golden earrings from Weyland, whose properties have not been determined.

*Note: Gwydion must be in a dimension with sufficient ambient magick in order to use the following magical talents.
  • SHAPESHIFT - dragon: Gwydion retains the ability to assume the form of a juvenile red dragon, approximately thirty feet from snout to the tip of his tail. In this form, he can fly, breathe fire, and his dragonscale hide resists most conventional weaponry. However, in order to assume this form in the first place, Gwydion must be in a dimension with significant ambient magicks, and he must be able to meditate for a considerable amount of time, making this transformation unusable in a combat situation.
    • Earth Mover: This spell allows Gwydion to dissolve dirt and stone into a malleable, sandy form, which he can then shape and re-solidify. He can also leave the earth in its sandy state, which can be useful for softening impact. The actual sandshaping takes intense concentration, and Gwydion cannot multi-task while sandshaping.
    • Flame Thrower: This spell allows Gwydion to create flame, from the equivalent of a lit match to a stream of flame worthy of his dragon form. He can also form and throw fireballs, though these have the range of his throwing ability. The spell forms a protective aura between himself and the flame he creates.
    • Water Bearer: This spell allows Gwydion to shape water, freeze water into ice, or melt ice instantly to water. Shaping water takes intense concentration, and Gwydion is unable to multitask while watershaping.
    • Thunder Strike: This spell allows Gwydion to channel a powerful surge of electricity (though far less than is contained in a bolt of lightning - Thunder Strike's voltage is closer to that of a common taser). The spell shields Gwydion from the harmful effects of the electricity, but he can only direct the electricity through a conductive medium (usually by direct contact or by channeling his electricity through a metal weapon). Thunder Strike cannot be used while underwater.

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