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Ryder Harte is Ethan Harte's older sister. She is a good girl but has made some mistakes. She got pregnant at 15 celebrating a friends 16th birthday on the Marsala, an island close to the one where she was born and raised, Poco Villiago. There is where she met Court Hodge and began having a relationship with him which left her pregnant. Her parents sent her to her family in Rome where she had to live with her grandparents.

After turning 18, she and her now two year old son, Graham have turned to Marsla where she'll be staying with her Aunt Kelley and her family. Her brother Ethan will be attending the school of the arts there as well. Ryder is glad to be near her brother again. The two are very close and consider themselves more like twins, her brother adores his nephew and is happy to have his sister back. But Ryder has never told the baby's father that she was even pregnant. Her family pressures her to do so but will she ever work up the courage to follow through?

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