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Legal Name: Alva Cooper Delano Collins, goes by Cooper Collins
Proposed Alias: "Deus Ex Machina, the Ghost in the Machine"
Known Nicknames: Coop, Coppertop, AC-DC, Sparky, Deuce, X., Mr. Data; gets an alarming amount of junk mail addressed to Colin Cooper
Occupation: Market Analyst, Next Century Technologies
Relationship Status: Single, in a relationship with Hazel Bunell, aka Witch Hazel.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Blue ("like the sea before a storm")
Hair: Light brown (lightens to a dark blonde in the summer sun), worn in a short, professional, "power haircut" style
Physical Description: Cooper is a good-looking man of thirty who has enjoyed good health for most of his life. He is in very good shape (though he is not the bodybuilder he once was), with a clear, tan complexion and great teeth. He has a tattoo over his heart that says "There's no place like" and another on his right upper arm of the four ghosts from Pac-Man, slightly overlapped.
Known Superhuman Powers: Collins is able to convert his body into coded electrical impulses, or data. In this form, he is able to enter and control machines as if the machine were his body. He cannot make a possessed machine do anything it is not designed to do. For instance, he cannot cause a drill to hover in place, unless that drill was designed with hover capabilities. His electronic form serves as a limitless power source for electrical devices. Meaning that a traditional combustion-engine vehicle could only travel as far as the range of the gasoline in its tank, but an electric car could travel indefinitely while possessed by Cooper. Extremely simple devices do not require full conversion to possess. These devices can be controlled by touch. Slightly complex devices can be controlled via touch, but Cooper cannot retain conscious control of his body if he forces it to remain solid. Highly complex machines cannot be controlled unless he "goes 'tronic". Cooper's most impressive use of his ability is to travel via phone or data line to effectively "teleport" to other locations. To this end, he has memorized the IP and MAC addresses of his home computer.

Other Talents: Cooper has received extensive training in several martial arts disciplines, though after not using these talents for many years, he has doubtlessly lost the edge he once honed. He studied Criminal Psychology and Forensic Science in college, and remembers much of what he learned, but is far from an expert in either field. Cooper's greatest talent lies in "reading" people, figuring out what motivates them, and capitalizing on this to spur them on to greatness. He could easily make a living as a personal trainer, lifestyle coach, or motivational speaker if he chose.
Biography: As the son of Golden Age heroes Captain Steel and Stardust, it was always assumed that Cooper would follow in his parents' spandex-clad footsteps and join the Protectorate. Growing up, Cooper was given the right education, the right moral compass, the right physical training regimen all tailor-made to mold him into a superhero. What they could not anticipate was Cooper's own feelings on the matter, or how he would react when his parents were killed stopping the World-Domination-Plot-of-the-Week. In that terrible instant that has inspired others to take up the cape and cowl, Cooper lost any nave illusions he had about heroics, and swore off a life of crimefighting. Supplementing his existing degrees in Criminal Psychology and Forensic Science with Marketing and Advertising, Cooper dedicated his life to living it, rather than risking it, and is one of the few metahumans working for Next Century Technologies to never even audition for the Protectorate.
For the past few months, Cooper has been in a serious relationship with Hazel Bunell, also known as Witch Hazel. Hazel has moved in with Cooper, who has been remarkably understanding about her siblings stopping by.

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