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July 2006

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Muse Bronze Medal


This is for my work on the Reference book Gaia's Daughters.

Below is my intro into the novel "THE IO EFFECT"

Mars Colony Central Authority Notice


for crimes relating to theft and attempted theft from space travellers
for escaping from lawful custody
for resisting arrest
for assaulting an officer of the law
Also for the suspected involvement in the murder of Lt Calvin Greaves and the unlawful appropriation of the cargo shuttle craft "Kagule Kite" believed to have been renamed "Lapwing"
Also for suspected piracy

Rosalind Twee Griffin

Registered citizen of Third City Dome

born - South Eastern Quadrant, Earth in the year 2245 - current age (allowing for space travel time), believed to be approx 30 earth years.

This petty criminal is forbidden to return to Mars.
to your local registed informant

REWARD - 5 weeks official fully paid absolution from work

Rosalind, fleeing from the Martian Third City Dome Watch-house where she was being held on suspicion of being a pickpocket, finds herself in the company of one Mal Sindi, ex pilot. Together they commandeer a small cargo shuttle craft and spend an exciting year holding up and robbing spaceships on the Mars Earth Supply route. One day Mal asks her to do an EVA spacewalk to check the locks on the hold. While she is outside the craft he releases her lifeline and she floats away into space. Furious at first, she realises she is facing certain death when her oxygen runs out. But strangely this does not occur: for suddenly she finds herself in the middle of a verdant forest........for she has been taken by The Io Effect

Arrived wearing:
1 black silk embroided space suit (in a pattern of stars and moons) including nearly exhausted oxygen tank..
1 ion powered spanner/drill/cutters for EVA use. (Ion power only works in outer space).
1 soft woollen dress (blue) and synthetic kidskin slippers.

1 belt pouch containing:
1 comb
1 handkerchief
1 chocolate bar
1 forged ID card for emergencies

1 palm reader containing several books:
The Idiots Guide to Space Piracy
Lord of the Rings Pt17 - Gollum Returns
Astro Navigation in the Earth Mars Supply routes
A Beginners Guide to Embroidery
Feng Shui for your Spacecraft
Astrology - don't be caught unawares
Trading in Acquired Goods (banned)

Look what I found! My old avatar from Ancient sites *wipes away a sentimental tear....*

A rather small hippo that lives in your homes,in your closets , under your beds,under your dressers. They nest with bits of fluff ,old socks and other small fluffy stuff. They come out only at night,to forage for food. The Little hippo only eats crumbs,bits of crackers chips bread, but its fav is peanut butter.They even like to play in it just like mud. They only grow 6 inchs in height

A present from Desertdweller.

This home was briefly haunted by Luna Claire Qu'Hai

adopt your own virtual pet!

This is for just plodding along day after day doing a bit here, helping out there, staying's a pleasure folks

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The Io Effect - Out of Print
Zone : Other

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Southern Cross
Stargazer's Menhir
Gaia's Daughters
Kiss the Cook
The Craft Faire
The Symposia

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Ghost Nebula

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Willa LeBlanc
LunaClaire QuHai
Liaus Horatius
Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov
Arnora Grimsdottir
Alexei Nikolaevich
Laura K Roslin
Quani Lindstraal
Violet Crumble
Elvina Herewood
Morgana Starr
Tanya Ivanova
Avaria KelTahn
Ciaran Padraig O hOgain

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Best 'Down Under' Archivist
April 2007

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