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   Hallo! My name is Nori Isla Maguire. I'm a sixteen-year-old girl from a classic Scotts-American family, with a mother, father, scotty dog, two goldfish, and a little brother, Martin, who gets last billing by virtue of being a younger brother. But I really do love him, even if he irks me senseless! I like books, a lot, and history, and I'm very proud of our distant Scottish heritage, even if it's so distant and diluted that it really doesn't count to anyone but me, but it's my heritage, and I WILL BY GOLLY BE PROUD. If my innate clumsiness doesn't kill me before I hit twenty, I want to be a writer or a teacher or a librarian or something terribly exciting and historical.

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All's Faire - Out of Print
Apartment Living - Out of Print

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Martin Maguire
Noah Bright

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