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Full Name -- Seren Elane Sawyer

Pronunciation of Name -- S*air*n E*Lane Soy*yer

Nickname -- Ser (S-Air)

Birth Date -- August 26

Birth Place -- Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

Age -- 19

Race -- Creole

Hair Color -- Straight, long/sometimes slightly wavy

Hair Style -- Down

Eye Color -- Green

Skin Tone -- Carmel

Any Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- Tattoo of bird in flight

Build or Body Type -- Slender/Athletic

Height -- 5'6

Weight -- 160

Family and Childhood:

Mother -- Colette DeRoche

Father -- Brendan Sawyer

Parents' Occupations -- Mother*Temp, Father*Firefighter

Family Finances -- Middle class but Comfortable

Brothers -- None

Sisters -- Rayleigh Sawyer

Birth Order -- Seren, Rayleigh

Other Close Family -- Isaac Sawyer, Allison Sawyer, Rose Sawyer, Andrea Brooks

Best Friend -- Lake Robertson

Other Friends -- Enough

Pets -- None at the moment

Home Life During Childhood -- Fine

Popular or Loner -- Popular

Important Experiences or Events -- Mother leaving, Parents divorce, Moving to Italy

Health Problems -- None

Culture -- New Orleans

Religion -- Louisiana Voodoo

Your Character's Character:

Bad Habits -- Can be quarrelsome, stubborn, blunt and at times cold

Strong Points -- Inspiring, honest, artistic and practical

Temperament -- Normally quite and polite but can lose temper and rebel

Attitude -- Positive

Weakness -- Mother

Fears -- People leaving her

Secrets -- tbd

Regrets -- Leaving Louisiana without seeing mother

Feels Vulnerability When -- Thinking about mother

Pet Peeves -- Not calling back by promised time, Not saying goodbye before leaving or hanging up

Conflicts -- Inner, Mother and Occasional father

Motivation -- Self

Goals and Hopes -- Parents get back together, Pianist

Sexuality -- Straight

Exercise Routine -- Dance

Speech -- Direct

Gestures -- Light, Graceful

Day or Night Person -- Night

Introvert or Extrovert -- A little of both

Optimist or Pessimist -- Optimist

Likes and Styles:

Music --Classical, Dubstep and Top 40's

Books -- Persuasion-Jane Austen and Dark Mercy-Jennika Navayne

Foods -- Cajun

Drinks -- Lemonade & Orange juice mix

Animals -- Most

Sports -- Dance and Cheer

Social Issues -- Divorce

Color -- Blue, Purple and White

Clothing -- In Fashion

Jewelry -- Costume and mother's anklet

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now:

Home -- Cottage in town center

Favorite Possession -- Mother's anklet

Town or City Name -- Marsala

Details of Town or City -- Friendly Island

Married Before -- No

Children -- None

Relationship with Family -- Fine except with mother

Career -- Waitress

Dream Career -- Pianist, Counselor or Teacher

Hobbies -- Piano, Reading, Volunteer at Youth Center

Talents -- Arts, Piano

Finances -- Comfortable

Health Problems -- Anxiety

Your Character's Life…Before Your Story:

Past Careers -- Bookstore Customer Service

Past Lovers -- Stephen Carlson

Biggest Mistakes -- Not Speaking to Mother

Biggest Achievements -- Winning Young Musician's Award

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