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Name: Renata Julia Ferretti

Age: 18 (true age: 1,948)

Birth date: November 10, 61 AD

Date of Death: August 23/24 79 AD

Date of Change: August 24th 79 AD during the Mt. Vesuvius� volcanic explosion on enroute to Rome

Originally from: Rome, Italy. The ancestral home of the Ferrari or Roman family name of Ferretti. The Ferrari or Ferretti family is one the oldest family in Italy that stretches back to 1st Century AD and has family ties to Caesar Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus.

Hair color: long and wavy dark brown

Eye color: Vampire Burgundy (before her change: brown eyes)

Height: 5� 6�

Mate: Asina (mated on 22nd August 1851 (in a human-style wedding)

Status: Vampire

The Ferretti Family

Parents: Marcus Gaius Orestes Ferretti, praefectus ala of the Praetorian Guard (Commander of Calvary) (b. November 5, 9AD - d. August 23, 79 AD) and married my mother, Flavia Julia Major (b. June 6, 9 AD - d. August 23, 79 AD) in April 20, 30 AD


Marcus Orestes Aurelius Ferretti (b. 49 AD - d. August 23, 79 AD)

Flavia Helena Minor Ferretti (b. 50 AD - d. August 23, 79 AD)

Flavia Maura Ferretti (b. 52AD - d. August 23, 79 AD)

Marcus Gaius Maximus Ferretti (b. 59 AD - d. August 23, 79 AD)

Renata Julia Ferretti (b. 61AD)

Physical description

Special Talents:Renata is a powerful shield against a physical attack. If someone approaches her�or Aro��they find themselves�diverted. There�s a force around her that repels, though it�s almost unnoticeable. You simply find yourself going in a different direction than you planned, with a confused memory as to why you wanted to go that other way in the first place. She can project her shield several meters out from herself.

Occupation: Aro�s personal guard in the Volturi

Family members: The Volturi, Asina her mate

Personal history: Renata�s gift makes her incredibly useful and she has become Aro�s personal guard. She is constantly at his side.

Tracker who found Renata: Gaius Asina Valerius (Roman name) or Alessio of the Volturi Guard (modern name). He is the same person. To the Volturi: Gaius Asina (mostly known as Asina). He is also known as Alessio.

The biography of Renata Julia Ferretti

Born and raised of a wealthy and prominent Roman family, I am the youngest of five children of a well-respected and well-known parents. My father, Marcus Gaius Orestes Ferretti, praefectus ala of the Praetorian Guard and his wife, Flavia Julia Major, niece to Vespasian and his late wife, Flavia Domitilla Major also known as Domitilla the Elder.

My family are well-respected to the people of Rome, my father, being the Praefectus Ala of the Praetorian Guard for Vespasian as his father before him and my mother is the niece of Vespasian and his late wife, Domitilla the Elder. My elder brothers both serve in Vespasian�s army and my two elder sisters are married with families of their own. As for myself, the youngest of the five, a great beauty with dark brown hair and haunting brown eyes like the land her country that bore her.

In the fateful summer of August of 79 AD, the Ferretti family traveled to Pompeii like every summer for vacation. But on 23rd of August 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted sending clouds of ash and pumice into the air as well as gas down to the city below. My family and I were running for our lives towards the harbor where we had a boat waiting for us. City of Pompeii was in total chaos. By the time that my family and I reached the boat, I was the only left still alive but only barely as I passed out due to the gas from Mount Vesuvius and the ash that was still falling around me. I was completely covered from head to toe in volcanic ash and fell the ash covered street unconscious. But little did I know that stranger by the named Gaius Asina Valerius found me lying unconscious in the street in the marketplace nearly being run over by the citizens fleeing the death and destruction. I didn�t know that I was on a ship sailing for Rome.

During the sailing from Pompeii to Rome, I found myself drifting towards the Elysian fields. It was at this moment that I thought I heard a man�s voice next to me whispering�.what sounded like words of comfort and then felt of his touch as he gently took my hand�.and then suddenly shooting pain�pain that I have never experienced in my life until now. The pain that I felt throughout my body was excruciating and very painful. It was definitely something that I would never want to go through again.

By the time the ship arrived at the port of Ostia Antica, I had changed from the life that I was knew as a human to a new life as a vampire. With the help from Gaius Asina Valerius, I traveled with him along the Via Aurelia to the city of Volaterrae (Volterra) where I was shown to my new master, who found my ability quite worthy of him. From the day that I arrived at my new home, I became my new master�s protector.

As the years passed by, I will always be at my master�s side as his protector to protect him at any cost.

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Character Disclaimer: Renata as portrayed in the books or movies of the Twilight series are the sole property of Stephenie Meyer, all rights reserved. Fan fiction written under this character is not intended to infringe upon any of the above copyright holders or their affiliates.

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