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My name is Nicholas von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. I am the son of King Ferdinand I of Romania and Princess Marie of Edinburgh. Through my father, as you may have noticed, I am descendent of the Hohenzollerns, but I also have close bounds with the Portuguese royal family (my grandmother was Infanta Antónia, after all) and to the Baden family through my great-grandmother Josephine.

Now, through my mother's side, things run even wilder. She is the daughter of Prince Alfred, Queen Victoria's second son, and of Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna, the only surviving daughter of Tsar Alexander II, which makes me a descent of both the British royal family and of the Romanovs! Perhaps that where I get my good looks from!

Now that's you know a little more about my family, let me tell you about myself. I was born in Peleş Castle on 3 August 1903. Before I came all pretty into this world, my mother had already one son and two daughters: my brother Carol and my sisters Elizabeth and Marie. After I was born, she had two more children: my sister Ileana and little Mircea.

Unfortunatly, Mircea died when he was just 3 years-old of typhoid. Mama never trully recovered from this blow.

As so many Princes of my time, I was not educated in my home country, but at Eton College, in England. To be honest, I never liked Romania that much, so the years that I spent at Eton are amongst the best of my life. It was there that I began to aquire the taste for sports, automobiles, plains and ships... as well as for women, but we'll leave that for now.

Of course I must admit that being away from home, and with no rules besides those of the college, I ended up being a little wilder than a Prince is suppose too, but what can you do?

When Romania joined the World War One, in 1916, I was forced to leave my education at Eton and return home. I was just 13-years-old then, so I couldn't join the army, but I visited the troops alongside my father and my brother Carol and the hospitals with my mother and my sisters.

When the war was over in 1918, I resumed my public education. I studied at Eton until I was 17-years-old and then, in 1921, when I was 18, I joined the British Royal Navy and so began my life at sea. Things were hard at first, but I quickly learnt to love my new life. Still, every summer, I would visit my home country and my family. 1921 was also the year that my sister Elizabeth married future King George II of Greece and my brother Carol married the future King's sister Helena. Yes... I was very confused myself.

While I was traveling around the world, Carol and Helena had a son, Mikhail, which, to my relief, put me further away from the throne. They were happy at first, but Carol, who was, in many ways, even worse than me in what came to women, quickly got tired of her and began an affair with Magda Lupescu who, somehow, managed to convice him to renounce his rights to the throne in 1925.

My worst fears came true when my father died in 1927. My nephew Mikhail was still too young to become King, so a Regency was needed. I was appointed as the head of said Regency and was forced to exchange my life at sea for one full of polical meetings in closed rooms and more responsability than what I could take.

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Great writing!
Sep 14, 2015 02:23 pm
Great glimpse into the life of a playboy prince!
Sep 10, 2011 05:46 pm

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