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Muse Bronze Medal

What can I say? My parents had a sick sense of humor, and I've never heard the end of it.

Azure is a spirited, spoiled, outspoken, energetic, mostly good-hearted girl with a wicked sense of humor. She enjoys driving fast cars, sneaking out at night, and doing everything she knows she shouldn't. Despite all this, she is quick to stand up for others and deep down she doesn't really care what anyone else thinks of her.

Wondering where I got my first name from? Check out the eyes. I was born with 'em. Thanks, Mom. She's a supermodel at, like, age 50 bazillion, and that's how much my father earns in a year with his high-end real-estate job with the odd pocket change from stock exchanges and all that stuff.

See that? Yep. That's my bedroom. Lake view. Beat that, punks.

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Midnight Tapestry

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Ailwyn Eyre
Ilia de Tourvel

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