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Welcome to my home and worshiping place of the god whose breath gave me life, who molded my ba, my so beloved Father, Set. He created and named me. .. My devotion for He knows notboundaries, his words guide and illuminates my life...
I am Naunakhte, a very attractive and too young woman... You're right in thinking those are a deadly combination, most if you know how to use your charms to get your own goals. My name has given me energy, drive and ambition by the hand of an almost excessively strong-willed and independent nature, in between other characteristics not always easy to meet.

Life had been not easy for me, I suffered my elder brother's death much before its time, and the guilty of that suicide will pay the grief she brought to my family... Sometimes revenge is what is left...

Naun is a musician and a charmer... She is able to charm not only snakes... All is in her look...The halo of mystery that surrounds she contains her essence..

In the PiRamesses Novel:
She settled in Waset, different goals brought she there apart from her need of revenge against the woman who brought her only disgrace and sorrow. The time to start moving on her path had started... Next goal? Only future will show.

...I heard your inner voice... Your soul is begging for me... Come, I'm waiting...

Naunakhte - 2004

Oh The Set, Lord of the thunder and the ray, may you bless me always with your powers. May I Serve you properly.
Dua Set

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