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Lily Pinero is 30 years old and the most accomplished violinist of her time. She has travelled far and wide to grace the world with her beautiful music. Humble and sweet, Lily is a very likable person. After a long and furitful careet, she has returned home to Marsala to stay for good. She purchased a house in the counrty a little ways away from town and settling into a routine to keep her stress down.

Lily suffers from terrible headaches that result in her blacking out from anywhere from a few minutes to days at a time. Despite seeing her family doctor numerous times for her condition he only perscribes her more medication and rest. Her family also tells her not to worry about it overmuch, but she does worry.

What Lily is unaware of is she was actually adopted. She was so young and traumitized that she does not recall her previous family at all. Her cruel upbringing caused her to surpress the events and create other personalities within herself to handle the trauma for her. Her adopted family, along with their family felt it was best to hide her condition from out of fear of more personalities emerging. Lily knows nothing of the problem known as Multiple Personality Disorder and her family prays she never will know.

The Faces of Lily

Giselle: The boss - Giselle is Lily's very first personality. She runs the other two, Kara and Reese, to make sure Lily stays safe. If there's a problem normally it is Giselle who takes care of it.

Reese: The Social Butterfly - Reese is given the task of getting Lily through any awkward or unpleasant group events. Most people interact with Reese, who is excellent at pretending to be Lily, after participating in a large venue. Reese also likes to play silly games that can end up with Lily in trouble.

Kara: The Fighter - Kara is the youngest and most immature personality. She will fight anyone she feels is a danger or to prove a point and has a blunt, take no prisoners attitude similar to that of Giselle, who has a little more grace than Kara.

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