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When Gwgaun heard the rumors of an alliance between his missing cousin Rhiannon and the righ of the Mac an Rothaich, he immediately began to do what he could to disrupt it, fearing that an influx of Scotti warriors would upset his own efforts to recapture Catraeth from the Angles. Concerned that his young cousin would allow Fionnlagh to manipulate her, he has sent one of Rhiannon's former ladies to Dunadd - ostensibly to serve the princess but he has ordered her to surreptitiously undermine the bond between her mistress and the righ. Only by regaining his influence over Rhiannon does he believe that he can exercise the control he needs to ensure that he, and he alone, will rule Catraeth once Hussa and his warriors are defeated.

Esyllt shares her cousin's misgivings regarding the Scotti war leader but she is aware that her sister, though young, is both shrewd and intelligent. Is it possible that Rhiannon has devised a means to liberate Catraeth where all of Gwgaun's strategies have failed? Having heard accounts of Fionnlagh's prowess, Esyllt is prone to agree with her sister's reported pact with the Mac an Rothaich. Gwgaun, after all, has had ten years to free the kingdom with nothing to show for all his efforts. Yet Esyllt cannot help but wonder what price the Scotti will ask for their support. Frustrated by her cousin's lack of success, is it possible that Rhiannon would agree to share Catraeth with the Scotti war leader - the man whispered to be her lover?

Suspicious of just such a plan, Esyllt has decided to discover for herself what agreements have been made in order to secure aid from the Mac an Rothaich. Whatever may happen to Gwgaun, she does not plan to relinquish her claim on Catraeth!

A beautiful gift from Phyllida

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