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Physical Description:
*Name: Omar Schleppes

Meaning of Name: n/a



Apparent Age (if different): 45-50

*Height: 6 5

*Build/Weight: wiry lean approx 150

*Hair: Raven Black

*Eyes: piercing black

Complexion: light olive

*Identifying Marks (if present): none disclosed as yet

Clothing: upper class business or casual depending on need

Personal Items usually carried: whatever seems appropriate to the occasion

Personal Information:
Home Planet:
Planet of Residence:

Birth Family:

Second Family:

sharp, cunning and clever yet suave and beguiling as he needs to accomplish whatever he wants. Dangerous to cross.
*Skills and Abilities:
consummate businessman and financial wrangler
*Weapons Used:
his sharp cunning skills along with his endless money to buy whatever is needed.

Background Information: Made his fortune on the fortunes and misfortunes of others. Completely untouched by the fall of the stock market in the early thirties and those in inner circles believe he was the cause of that crash. He wears nothing but the finest weaves of the purest materials of silk wool cashmere linen. He wears only pure gold and diamond jewelry up to as many as three heavy gold rings on each hand and a thick chained pendant that is intricately carved and inscribed, No one knows exactly with what for no one has gotten close enough to really see it. He has been known to wear an eye patch over his left eye made of the finest of gold silk yet no one knows for sure if it is for need or for show. He is obsessed with artifacts that even remotely have legend of power connected to them he is ruthless in his pursuit of them and to date has not lost his conquests that anyone still alive can attest to. He fully believes he will one day find that which will give him eternal life and power when he will then declare himself emperor of the whole earth. He also has in his company at at his very private home, a black cat named Rufus. Rufus has four paws that are white and a patch of white over his left eye. Omar hand feeds Rufus the finest and most expensive of live tropical fish.
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*Blood or Soul Bonds:

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