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   Jesse (born Jessica Anders) is a young intersexual, struggling with his identity after running away from home with his best friend, Tyler.

On August 11th, 1994, Alexander and Tara Anders gave birth to a child with Clitoromegaly and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. They chose not to operate, but assigned their baby a gender, and named her Jessica Marie Anders.

Jessie grew up as a die hard tomboy, but that didn't bother anybody. She wasn't the first little girl to prefer video games to dolls. But on hitting puberty, Jessica announced her intention to be recognized as a boy. Her parents wouldn't or couldn't make this step, and the family became increasingly strained.

At fifteen, Jesse met Tyler Volkov - the first person to make him feel truly accepted. The two became close friends, and although Jesse has a massive crush on his best friend, he still sees him as the older brother he never had.

The next year, Tyler told Jesse he was moving to New York City. Jesse couldn't stand to stay with his parents and his confused identity, and asked Tyler to bring him along. Tyler, never a stickler for rules, agreed. The week before Tyler's move, Jesse ran away from home, and when Tyler moved, they met along the way and started to NYC.

Jesse Adams is a confused young person with a lot of pain. He is less transgendered than androgynous, uncertain of his sexual identity, or his place in the world.

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Apartment Living - Out of Print
All's Faire - Out of Print

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Tyler Volkov
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