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In the Beauxbatons Novel

Hi, my name is Kaida, and I've been given the sir name of Yama. I'm actually a Yamato, but I'm illegitimate. (Read her story, and you find out otherwise.) I'm technically a princess, a bit headstrong; though I've been taught well to do my best and be accountable for my own actions. Even if those actions are for being bold enough to have been born. When I was informed I'd be studying abroad I just naturally assumed it was to get me out of the way, and don't have a clue about western magic or it's culture. Not that there aren't individuals in my family who can do magic, it's just something that wasn't discussed. Those who used magic frivolously would be considered lazy, and those who couldn't control it were thought to be undisciplined. My only option was to be a good girl, and do as I'm told. Not once did anyone explain to me I was going out here to learn how to control my magical abilities away from prying eyes since my family is fairly entrenched in the world of normal ordinary people. I'd no idea they have my best interest at heart, or that they actually care about me. So what do I go and do the moment I get to France, I miss my connection, and subsequently wasn't able to meet the people who were to take me to Beauxbatons.

Edit note: I try my best to be self reliant so as not to be a burden on anyone, and am placing in fan

I did eventually make it, after having been on the move for nearly three days strait without any real breaks, I pass out in the headmistress's office from exhaustion. That and a mild virus common mostly to dragons. Back home I have a pet Pygmy river dragon. Think of it as the wiener dog of dragons, about the size of a mid size dog or river otter, and typical in appearance to most Chinese dragons. An over grown lizard if you like. I sure would have loved to bring him, but dragons was prohibited. Alright so he rips the mail delivery person's bicycle apart if he isn't chained up, but other then that, he's just a big sweetheart. I'm considered his handler, and hope he doesn't eat anybody in my absence. Actually he only eats fish, and other aquatic critters smaller then himself and is usually good around most people. Still... I'm not sure why he goes after the mail delivery person though. As for school, seems I nearly drowned in the bathtub, and wore my favorite yukata to dinner instead of my uniform, which is what I probably should have done. Hopefully I'll figure things out before I get sent packing. On the other hand, I am already making friends here. Someone has played a practical joke on me by putting a creeper vine under my mattress. I bet we will all have a good laugh about it later on.

I thought that with everything going on it best to do a brief synopsis.

The character Yama Kaida is also known as Yamato Megami, and Yamato Megami Kaida-hime. She is a high ranking member of the nobility and presumed to be the next leader of the Magical community of Japan including the Kami faction and the Oni factions. This is not a hard and fast secession as there is a counsel of elders who get the final say on who will be the next leader. She suffered a magical accident which turned her back into a child loosing most of her memories, and her parents for reasons of their own, concealed her identity.

The truth regarding Kaid's true identity is now known, and Kaida Must learn to deal with the reality while having to grow up all over again. Fortunately her memories are returning, and she is thrilled to find that the man she has a huge crush on was her husband from before the incident.

The magical community of Japan has been modernizing following the disaster of the Pacific war[WW2], which lead to what the magic communities refer to as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki incidents. Magic alone was not enough to prevent entire communities from being annihilated, and/or scattered on the wind. Kaida's husband: Katsura Raijin is a lord of the Oni, a government official having authority in both the magical community as well as non magical. His primary duty is to seek out those with the aptitude for magic, and teaches part time at Kaid's home school which is mixed magical and non magical students. The non magic students are only told that the magical students are specially gifted.

Kaida has a son, and a foster daughter who she knew from her earlier days in Beauxbatons from before the incident that turned her into a child. [The story regarding the foster daughter was not meant to reflect on anyone else's stories.] Kaid's son, not knowing she was his mother is a little mixed up because he had a crush on her.

Additional edit: Japanese folklore as well as Shinto belief has it that a number of the ancestors of the noble, and specifically the royal households are descended from dragons who could transform into human form, and or humans who could transform into dragons. In fitting this concept into the HP world it then becomes probable that some Wizards in the ancient history of the country had been able to transform into dragon form, and quite possibly could have had mixed children. While this remains speculative, Miss Kaida who would be well versed in such notions would believe herself to be in fact, part dragon in her ancestry.

[A quick note for anyone following the character, and story: much of the background, family, and etc... are based on Shinto tradition, folklore, Japanese culture as I understand it, and how a magical community based on these would fit into the Harry Potter world. None of the characters are intended to represent real world persons, nor is any portion of the story intended to portray actual persons, or Shinto beliefs.]

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