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I bear the name Lucrezia Borgia. Yes, I bear the name scorned by everyone’s lips, even yours. Whereas you scorn it, I bear it proudly even as death welcomes me into its arms. Hear my trials and triumphs before you pass judgment on me. That is my only request, will you honor it? Good. Now, let me take you to the beginning. I was born in Subiaco, near Rome, in 1480. My father was Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, who you know as Pope Alexander VI. My mother was Giovanna de Candia, Countess of Cattanei, who you know as Vannozza dei Cattanei. It’s never easy being of illegitimate birth. Because of this, my parents ensured that I had an overprotected childhood. Ah, such a secluded life I lived with my three full-blood siblings: Juan, Cesare and Jofre. I never knew anything of the scandalous world. If I had to pick a period in my life where the worldly woman you see before you replaced that innocent girl, I would have to say it begun when my father’s meteoric rise in his career in the Vatican granted the Boriga name grandeur. Oh, how I remember those days as if they were only yesterday. It all began in 1494…

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