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Cyrus "Cy" Tolliver is the owner of the upscale Bella Union saloon and Al Swearengen’s main rival.

Cy has an 18-year relationship with former prostitute and madam Joanie Stubbs, who later leaves the Bella Union to form her own brothel, leaving a mix of friendship and anger between them, Cy is clearly in love with Joanie and is bitter not to have his feelings reciprocated.

Ruthless and with a veneer of class and polish, Cy soon proves that while he may lack his rival’s skill in cunning duplicity he makes it up in ambition.

Note: Cy Tolliver is a fictional character and was played by Powers Booth on the HBO series Deadwood, while fictional, the character was based on the real Bella Union owner Tom Miller.
The version located here on Pan is based on the HBO character, but may vary at times, no infringement on the character or HBO's deadwood intented.

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