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Yeah, name is Corey Stone.I work for a woman named Florine Bourgogne, who heads up a travelling medieval tournament group called "Tournaments, Incorporated". It's fun, and I've learned to be a knight, in not only fighting, but the entire package deal of chivalry, honor and valor. Florine is extremely knowledgable, and taught me- and my fellow 'knights'- well. In fact, she is a knight herself.Really.Florine Bourgogne was knighted by a real King. Except Florine Bourgogne isn't her real name.
Her real name is Korannis, and she's over 4,000 years old. Yeah, that's right. 4,000.
She's an Immortal, one of a very secret group of individuals that have populated this earth since humankind nearly began. They've come down through the ages, helping man, as well as using their considerable talents for their own gain. They are playing a grand game, killing each other, until the last, who will win 'The Prize'...the vast sum of knowledge that each Immortal has learned through their own lives, distilled into one person. If a good Immortal wins, it could be the start of a new, Golden Age for mankind. If a bad Immortal wins, mankind will not survive the slavery and bleak times ahead. The only way to kill them, is if their head comes off their shoulders. Usually with some kind of bladed weapon.Swords are very popular with that crowd. Or I maybe should say, my crowd.
I didn't know I was one of them, until I was killed. It was a lousy way to find out, but I was lucky I was with Kor. She actually cried about it, but she didn't know I saw. I might be Immortal, but now I had to play The Game. And did I mention, I can't have kids now? No Immortal can, until the Prize is won. And then, it won't matter much to me. I'll probably be dead.But who knows?
Yeah, right.

Thanks, Korannis, for letting me adopt Corey!

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