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Pardon the sparseness of my home, I've just moved in you see.

At the least, I can give you the brief 'in-a-nutshell' version of myself. My name's Reeve Forester. I'm the editor of Cloven Hoof magazine; published quarterly so look for the Samhain 1927 edition in occult salons soon, and an occasional contributor to the same. As for my permanent abodes, I fear I have some wanderlust and maintain apartments in Manhattan, London, Paris, and Berlin.

From Cloven Hoof (Samhain, 1927, vol. iii, no. 1):
     To the experienced peruser of these arcane pages, you will already know that I have made detailed studies of the arcane geometries of both London, England and Washington, D.C.; both the seats of power of two nations sharing a common heritage and spiritual fraternity. To those neophytes as yet unversed in my researches, I shall let it suffice that you may fully educate yourselves upon these discourses in archived editions of the Cloven Hoof. I call these past researches to mind as recent events have persuaded me that it might be of interest to undertake such a study of the great commercial metropolis of New York City. Before you send in enquiries of assistance and your own hypothesis to be considered, I implore you to read through this account in its entirety before committing yourself to any future endeavours.

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