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Many rumors surround Anjana. often at great variance with one another. Some say that she is the child of a daughter of the Maharajah of Pradesh Rumkur and a wealthy businessman from the Vandal Republics while others insist that she came from the slums along the banks of the Aykab River in the city of Nakhom Buri - an urchin who probably never knew who either her father or mother were.

What matters it where Anjana was born, or to whom? Somehow she has managed a first-rate education quite uncommon to women in her part of the world. Appreciating a good novel or a fine glass of wine, she embodies the epitome of culture and civilization that are expected of a woman of high estate. Though possessing no known wealth beyond the gifts received from admiring gentlemen of various nations, Anjana travels widely - crossing borders with the ease of a smile.

During her journeys, Anjana has made friends with some of the highest ranking officials in the government of the Vandal Republics while remaining on good terms with several lords of the Holst-Grenal Confederacy. On her latest trip, she became quite close to the recently departed Duke Holstien - close enough, in fact, that she was spotted adorned by several of the duchess' well-known collection of jewels.

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