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Welcome to Palazzo de Fiorenza

Renata Carlotta Ferrari, Duchess of Coimbra

Nickname: Ren

Age: 16

Birth date: December 2, 1478

Birthplace:Fiorentia, Italy. The ancestral home of the Ferrari family.

Hair Color: golden blonde

Shape and Features of Face: oval and beautiful

Eye Color: blue-grey

Skin Tone: creamy rose

Build or Body Type: slender, very pleasing to the opposite sex

Weight: 110lbs

Martial Status: Single

Education: Well-Educated

de Ferrari family portrait

Top: Marco, Ambrogio and his wife, Vitória of Portugal and Stefano. Bottom: Helena, Cardinal Franceso and Renata

Ambrogio Lorenzo de Ferrari and his beautiful wife, Vitória Beatriz of Portugal, Duke and Duchess of Modena and Reggio.

Issues (chldren):

Marco Giovanni de Ferrari (b. 1459) married with family. Military Commander

Stefano Marco de Ferrari (b. 1465) married with family. Military Commander

Helena Beatrice de Ferrari (b. 1466) married to Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici (son of Pierfrancesco de' Medici (the Elder) and Laudomia Acciaioli)

My cardinal brother(see below)

Francesco Marco de Ferrari (b. 1469) Cardinal

Renata Carlotta de Ferrari (b. 1478)

Friends of the de Ferrari

Raffaele de'Medici

The biography of Renata Ferrari

Born in wealth and luxury of the most prominent family in the Fiorenza, Italy. Renata is the youngest of six children of well-respected and well-loved parents, Ambrogio Lorenzo de Ferrari and his beautiful wife, Vitória Beatriz of Portugal, the present Duke and Duchess of Ferrara. Renata’s mother Duchess of Ferrara passed away to the holy angels within three of months of giving birth to Renata.

As a young child, Renata began to learn how to wield a sword, archery but her favorite was riding a horse; of which she became quite excellent horsewoman throughout the area of Fiorenza. It was something that her father had her learn at a young age alongside her two elder brothers. With most of her elder siblings married off and having families. The only brother that she knew was her elder but younger brother Francesco Marco, who was recently became a Cardinal in the eyes of our Holy Father as well as the Pope. With her entire family, Renata knew the closeness and strict as her parents can be. But when Renata’s elder sister Helena in what she seemed a perfect wedded life with Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici. That world turned upside down for Helena and her family…Most importantly with her father, Ambrogio, he found that Helena’s husband has betrayed the entire Ferrari and de’Medici family by aligning himself to the Borgias and with that Helena was disowned by her father. It was this moment that Renata’s father became very strict in how to raise the last two children, Francesco and his youngest daughter, Renata.

With the death of her beloved mother, Renata inherited her mother’s title as Duchess of Coimbra among other titles, including Lady of Este, and Duchess de Ferrara. Renata’s family lineage is a long one. She can be traced to the ruling family of Portugal on her mother‘s side, as well as the d'Este family on her father’s side. During her growing yo years, Renata began to learn womanly duties from her beloved governess, Vittoria ranging from embroidery, to singing. The singing was the one of the things that made Renata truly happy. The ‘voice of the angel’ as people would say when they hear her sing.

Renata’s beauty has been talk of the Fiorezna since the day she was born.. Renata’s appearance is she has long wavy golden hair, and with eyes of blue-gray and her complexion is as fair as the country that bore her. She is considered to be caring, bit of a romantic, patient individual; as well as well-loved by all who knew her. She can speak several languages ranging from her native Italian to Portuguese and Spanish. Renata is a lover of books as well as very gifted in song. Among her goodly qualities, she does have some other qualities that can get her into trouble…She is very outspoken, strong willed and independent.

It was in that fateful year 1494 when de Medici family was sent into exile to Rome, Renata went to Portugal to visit her relatives on her mother side. But little did she knew that her father illness, leaving her to live with her brother Cardinal Francesco Marco de Ferrari. It was her elder brother who wrote to her about her father’s illness in the fall of November and that she needs to return to Rome quick before her father dies.

Thus her arrival to Rome.

The Genealogy of de Ferrari family

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What a beautiful post, Renata, looking forward in reading more.
Jul 10, 2012 10:03 pm

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