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Pan Historia Awards & Badges

Members can earn a multitude of awards and badges at Pan Historia through participation, excellence, service or subscription.

Publisher's Awards

Publisher Site Awards are given out by Pan Historia's Publishers to show appreciation for a member or a group of members' hard work and/or creativity. They are given in a spirit of fun and community. Currently there are six types of awards the Publishers bestow, the Panegyric, Panache and Brilliant Idea awards for individual members and Novels or Reference Books may receive Best Dressed, Diamond Jubilee and/or Publisher's Choice Award.

Pan Historia Badges

Pan Historia Badges are given out for a variety of fun reasons and placed on your home page. You can win them through participation or acquire them through special subscription offers. Each badge is only given out during a limited time or through performing certain actions. Only badges that appear on your home page under your badges header count towards a Pan Historia Badge collection. Get a certain number of badges and earn extra badges and sometimes panickels prizes!

Pan Badge Collection

Pan Historia Badges are broken down by Collections: Supporters, Games, Muse, Achievement and service. Collections are represented by medals for each category which transform based on how many badges you have per collection, the more badges you have in a category the higher level of badge displays on your home. Levels in order include: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Ruby.

Gem Tokens

Gem Tokens are awarded by Novels, Reference Books and Magazines for whatever they like. Each Gem given leads back to the book which awarded it and characters can have an unlimited number.

PanOlympics Awards

The PanOlympics Awards are awards earned during a yearly event a la the Olympics where members compete in various fiction writing contests with winners determined in each category by chance.

Panda Awards

The Panda Awards are intended to reward the infinite creativity of Pan Historia's members, and promote fun. Any member may award a fellow member with a Panda when they find a post here at Pan Historia Panda worthy. Pandas are like "kudos" for posts you enjoy and will appear on the authoring Character's homepage.

Panorama of Homes

The Panorama of Homes is Pan Historia's famous boulevard lined with the most beautiful and unique homes from all over the community. The designs you find here display the best creative efforts of the membership and offer a tantalizing glimpse of the vast possibilities one can achieve with character homes. The Panorama of Homes awards are bestowed by the Publishers and Staff of Pan Historia.

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Please do not nominate your own characters.
All nominations will be approved or disapproved by Pan's Publishers.

Iron Writer Pan Historia

Iron Writer Pan Historia is a challenge of epic proportions! A competition between two writers involving five writing courses each containing a secret ingredient and completed in 24 hours by each writer. Challengers coveting the award of Iron Writer must face off with an Iron Writer, and in order to win the coveted title for themselves not only meet the grueling requirements but best the defending title holder. Do you have what it takes to be Pan's next Iron Writer?

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