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In the Grand Theft Auto: Hotwire Novel:

You donít have to be a RocknRolla to live in their world. Take me for instance. Iím the secretary of Archy Cole, best manager in the business. Heís probably the best boss a girl could ask for. Good hours, so Iíve got time for a social life. But he keeps me busy enough to where I donít sit around doing my nails.

Some people might say being a secretary is a boring and unappreciated job. Far from it! Iím in touch with people from around the world and even get to travel sometimes with Mr. Cole. I also get to meet a lot of celebrities. Most of them are really lovely people. And Mr. Cole is a great employer, even insisting on sending me to a spa some days. And the musicians he handles are all great people. Sometimes Johnny and his band get a bit wild, but theyíre stars and are therefore supposed to be wild.

Suppose you want to know a bit more about me. Well, for starters, I was born and raised in Oxford. Dad is a college professor and mum is a homemaker. I have an older brother who is a doctor but he moved to the US and I havenít seen him in a few years. I graduated top of my class in college with a degree in office administration. My first job was in a small law firm, where I developed an interest in law and studied it in my spare time. When Archy found me and offered me a position in his firm, I jumped at the chance. And due to the increase in salary, I was able to take night courses and am also a paralegal. Havenít had to use those skills yet, but one never knows.

Iím currently between relationships, but I have the perfect companion for now. A cat I found abandoned outside of a sushi restaurant. I named him Ryuu, which is Japanese for dragon. He likes to lie across my neck like a fur stole while I read. Iím allergic to chocolate but I am a coffee fanatic.
Well, thatís all Iíve got to say at the moment. Want to know anything else? Drop me a line. Iíll be more than glad to answer!

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Eden's Paradise
Grand Theft Auto: Hotwire - Out of Print

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For an exciting, enticing post that begs for MORE! Well done!
Jul 05, 2011 07:34 pm

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